Climate Solutions: Juicing up our transportation!

Pie chart from the MVC Climate Action Task Force Energy Group. — Tom Soldini

Forty-five percent of our energy use is for transportation. That’s higher than other communities because of the fuel used for ferry service.

In 2018, 22,191 automobiles and light trucks were registered on the Vineyard at the RMV. These light vehicles account for one-half of the carbon dioxide emitted by all forms of transportation on the Island.

To reach the goal of 100 percent renewable by 2040, we need to convert to using electricity for all our transportation — and get that electricity from renewable sources.

Getting started

Do you know someone with an electric vehicle?

Ask them about their experience with it, and if you can take it on a test drive. It will be quieter and zippier than you think!

Go to the Drive Green website ( to learn more about how EVs work, charging, and what rebates are available.

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort. Visit