Dog calls, ‘big cat’ highlight Edgartown animal control report


There were 325 dog-related calls, 18 skunk-related calls, and one call concerning a “big cat,” according to a midyear report from the Edgartown animal control officer.

The report, which Edgartown selectmen accepted at a meeting Tuesday, counts the number of animal calls reported to the Edgartown animal control at the beginning of fiscal year 2021, which began in June 2020.

In the past six months, dog bites topped cat bites 10 to 1. Dogs also beat out cats for the total number of calls in that time period, with 325 dog-related calls to 91 cat-related calls.

The “big cat” call was reported in October, but does not specify any further detail. Also in October, animal control received a call reporting a “bobcat.” In November, calls concerning a “fisher cat” and a “large wild cat” were also reported.

Other animal calls since June included bats, crows, goats, squirrels, one baby squirrel, seals, domesticated rabbits, wild rabbits, deer, turkeys, murres, swans, and alpacas.

Edgartown animal control issued 12 tickets for leash-law violations in October, November, and December, for a total of $700. Only $650 has been paid, as there is one outstanding $50 ticket payment, according to the report. First-offense tickets are $50, and second offenses are $100.