Film center is a reel treat


To the Editor: 

By now, most of us have been cooped up at home for over a year. We have connected with family and friends and worked over Zoom. We have consumed most, if not all, of our entertainment over one of many streaming services. And we have learned how to cook again!

Yet, on our Island, there has been one venue open almost the whole time, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center (MVFC). A mainstay for over a decade now in its state-of-the-art home in the Tisbury Marketplace, the MVFC under the leadership of founder Richard Paradise has offered an excellent away-from-home film entertainment experience. Aside from the

strict cleaning protocol and the high-filtration air circulators, Richard and his team have followed state guidelines since reopening last July. T shirts on seats enforce proper social distancing, and a mask requirement and no concessions have kept us all safe. If you have been to the MVFC over the past year, you have been treated to all the Oscar-nominated best films, as well as the shorts and most international films. 

For many months now, and through most of the long winter, it has been our only in-person entertainment venue. There are a few of us hearty souls who have been to the MVFC weekly, and we have been pleased when films like ‘Nomadland’ and ‘Minari’ have almost filled the place to the state-mandated capacity. So, while we are being asked to continue to be vigilant, there is one place where, if you are vaccinated or if you are practicing the required safety protocols, you can visit to see a film and just get out of the house — the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center! We hearty film buffs cannot wait to see you there.

Mike Bellissimo
West Tisbury

Bellissimo is on the board of the MVFC.  –Ed.