Bus chargers will lead to cleaner air


To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the May 11 article by Brian Dowd reporting on Sara Piazza’s appearance at the May 10 meeting (on Zoom) of the Edgartown select board. According to Brian’s report, Sara said that inductive bus chargers under Church Street in Edgartown would

commit Church Street as a VTA hub for years to come, and she criticized the size of the buses, their noise, the quantity of buses, their speed, and so forth.

The truth is that the inductive chargers will make Edgartown cleaner and quieter. Concerts and weddings at the Whaling Church will no longer be drowned out by the sounds of diesel buses. We will no longer be breathing the diesel fumes. The diesel particles will no longer be falling on our gardens, fences, cars, and homes.

The inductive chargers on Church Street are essential to enable the VTA bus system to be all-electric by 2027.

Also, the inductive charger project does not commit Church Street as a VTA hub for years to come. There are no changes planned to the sizes of the buses, the quantity of buses, or the length of time any bus stops on Church Street. Because the project is fully funded by federal and state grants, and the town is making no financial investment, it will be easy to move away from the inductive chargers if a decision is made in the future that buses should no longer stop

on Church Street to let off and take on passengers.

I hope all Edgartown voters will read the report of the committee that was appointed last summer to review the project. The committee report is posted on the Edgartown website and the VTA website.

I encourage all Edgartown voters to attend the town meeting on May 22 and vote yes for clean, quiet, electric buses.

Julia Livingston

Livingston was a member of the committee appointed to review the inductive charger project.  –Ed.