Time is now to support Tisbury School


To the Editor:

The Tisbury School building project needs and deserves the support of all Tisbury voters. Simply put, the current building no longer meets the criteria to be considered an outstanding institution. When we moved here in 1979, our Realtor boasted about the sterling reputation

of the Tisbury School. Our four children went on to graduate from there, and our grandson will do so this June. I taught seventh and eighth grade science at the school from 1996 to 2017. Our experience with the school brings a wealth of happy memories and a sense of Tiger Pride.

However, these days I would hesitate to recommend the school. Why? The building is not adequate to meet the educational needs for a top-quality education. The staff is outstanding, and deserves enormous respect for pivoting over and over again to maintain daily instruction in an antiquated and sometimes unsafe environment. Having served on the School Advisory Committee for the majority of my tenure, I can confidently report that building maintenance yearly ate up many thousands of dollars. I have heard some people complain that the building wasn’t cared for, and that the current state of affairs could have been avoided. That thinking is utterly uninformed, and detracts from the truth at hand. In order to thrive, the school population desperately needs a facility up to the task.

The School Building Committee has diligently and professionally responded to the voters’ mandate to renovate and expand the school at its present site. Having studied the design plans, I am thrilled to see the possibilities this new building will bring to the entire town. Along with keeping educational objectives a priority, the committee has thoughtfully provided for townwide benefits and concerns. The committee members represent a cross-section of interested parties, and transparency of process has been maintained. I urge Tisbury voters to trust their leadership and vote yes to bring the Tisbury School forward to becoming an outstanding institution once again.

Having spent at least 4,070 days in the old building, I look forward to substituting in and enjoying the new building.

Connie Alexander
Vineyard Haven