Why ransomware is a human problem


To the Editor:

What may come as a surprise to many is that the source for the majority of ransomware attacks is not — as Hollywood may have led us to believe — a hacker trying to “hack into the mainframe,” but rather a misleadingly innocuous email prompting unsuspecting recipients to unknowingly open a gateway through which these hackers may enter. 

As a software engineer working at NASA, I am exposed to these types of threats on a daily basis — and am even required to take annual training to help me and my colleagues keep up with the manner in which these phishing attempts are presented. While technology may be a “double-edged sword,” as was stated in June 2nd’s “SSA targeted in ransomware attack” article, it is important to emphasize there have always been criminals, there always will be, and technology is just another facet through which they may act in what is ultimately a human problem.

Marjorie Lucas

Vineyard Haven