NAMI MV announces photography winners


The “This Is What Mental Health Looks Like to Me Contest” sponsored by NAMI MV recently announced the winners of the photography contest.

Dawn Keeling Combra won first place in the adult division. She wrote: “This photo represents my joy at spending time and having fun with my grandson Mason after a long COVID quarantine. We have bubble fun every time I visit and I finally got a good shot — just looking at it makes me smile! Time with family is special and good for mental health.”

Wadeline Hall, 15, entered an amazing first place photo titled “High GPA. Low Happiness.” Wadeline wrote, “I have NVLD and learning does not always come easy to me. The pressure of getting and keeping good grades often gets me down.”

Lilla Raposa-Bricoli, 9, gets a shout out for her fun and joyful first-place photo.

Lilla wrote: “I like being funny, and I like to pull pranks. They make me laugh!”

Sydney Mullen was awarded second place in the adult division, with Gina Williams placing third. Second place in the teen division was Kayleigh Bolon, with Layslla Marcello Costa de Oliveira placing third. In the youth division, Gavin Revell came in second place with Lilla Raposa-Bricoli placing third, as well as first.

See all the first-through-third place winners on NAMI’s Facebook page:



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