Portrayal of opponents is inaccurate


To the Editor:

After reflecting on the debate regarding the building of a West Tisbury affordable housing project, specifically the vote allowing the placement of this project on a three-acre parcel on Lambert’s Cove Road, I look to bring clarity to my concerns.

As expressed in the June 2nd Letter to the Editor, “Zealous about addressing the housing crisis,” it is clear that the West Tisbury affordable housing committee believes that those of us who oppose the building of an apartment complex on the corner of Upper Lambert’s Cove Road are to be maligned — characterized as uncaring about the teachers, doctors, nurses, medical personnel, home caregivers, and emergency workers in need of housing. Once again, this is simply not the case. 

The debate, more pointedly, is that the opposition is not against affordable housing itself, but merely its placement on this corner. In response to the oft-asked question “if not there, then where?” I would point to other options that were discussed at the recent West Tisbury town meeting. Going forward, let there be more consideration given to those who are opposed merely to this particular location, but not opposed to affordable housing itself. Your negative portrayal of opponents to this project is inaccurate, mean-spirited, and unfair.


Cathy Weiss
West Tisbury