Tisbury School Recognition Day and graduation

Tisbury School on West William St. — Gabrielle Mannino

The Tisbury School conducted recognition ceremonies for fifth to eighth graders recently. In addition to recognizing graduating eighth grade students individually for their contribution to the school community, the following special awards were presented by staff members.

Jeffrey Goodale Memorial Award (independence, individuality, and humanitarianism): Mark Shea, grade 5.

Dorothy Larkosh Roberts Memorial Award (perseverance, work ethic, resilience): Siana Solarazza, grade 6.

Rose Anthony Memorial Award (significant achievement in literary arts): Matilda Backus-Clement, grade 7.

Kerry Alley Humanitarian Award (community spirit, helping others): Mason Cron, grade 8.

Eugene Baer Memorial Creative Arts Award (dedication to the arts, visual and performing): Tayna Silva, grade 8.

James Norton Technology Award (proficiency and initiative in technology): Vytas Alexander, Kaua DeAssis, and Lulu White, grade 8.

Maurice Bresnahan School Service Award (commitment to school service): McKensi Jackson, grade 8.

Fred Glodis Memorial Science Award (achievement in the study of science): Lulu White, grade 8.

Golden Hammer Award, in Memory of Michael Ovios (interest and achievement in art, design, creativity and craftsmanship): Nyoka Walters, grade 8.

Thirty-three students graduated from the Tisbury School on June 9, 2021. The Principal’s Award was given to two outstanding eighth grade students, for significant positive representation of the school community. This year’s recipients were Caiden Gardner and Lulu White.