Creamers outlast Mamas Girls for championship

Softball season comes to a close.


The 17th annual Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Softball League Championship Game, which featured the Creamers versus the Mamas Girls, was played Tuesday evening. The Creamers headed into the championship not only as the first seed in the league, but undefeated as well. Though they were undefeated, the Mamas, who were the third seed, made them work hard for their championship title, with an extremely close game that resulted in a final score of 12-11. 

The Mamas were up to bat first, and kicked the game off with five base hits by Emily Rasmussen, Caroline Hannah, Cana Courtney, Jaime Forend, and Mallory Watts, as well as a double by Lauren Merry-Goethals, overall sending home five runs. 

The Creamers responded with six base hits by Sarah Strem, Kendall Robinson, Kelly Oaks, Alleyne Hughes, Veronika Buckley, and Sam Burns, as well as two doubles by Kelly Bowse and Anne Sullivan-Doyle, bringing the score to 6-5 going into the second inning.

Lauren Williston of the Mamas started the next inning off with a triple, followed by the team cranking out five base hits and two doubles, scoring another five runs. Kendall Robinson, with a triple, scored one run for the Creamers in the second, bringing the score to 10-7 heading into the third. 

The third inning was a wash, with neither team crossing home plate.

Cana Courtney scored for the Mamas in the fourth inning, and Kendall Robinson and Anne Sullivan-Doyle scored for the Creamers, who both walked that inning and were sent home on base hits by Kelly Bowse, Alleyne Hughes, and Veronika Buckley, leaving the score at 11-9, with the Mamas in the lead. Erin Blandini, Kendall Robinson, and Kelly Bowse all scored for the Creamers in the bottom of the fifth, taking the lead 12-11. The Mamas fought hard, but the Creamers shut them out for the remainder of the game, taking yet another championship title, for the fourth time in Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Softball League history. The Creamers have been in the final game 11 times. The Mamas also have four championship wins, making next year a race to see who can battle it out for the league title. The Creamers, Rug Sox, and Snaps, are all teams that have been playing since the birth of the league 17 years ago.


Road to the championship

The playoff games that led up to the championship game were played last Thursday, August 11. Two games were played that evening, with the Snaps versus Rug Sox in the first game.

Lauren Merry-Goethals and Kurstin Moore of the Snaps kicked it off with base hits in the first inning, which resulted in Elissa DaCosta scoring the first run of the game. Snaps players Liane Dixon and Kate Henningan went on to score in the second inning. Neither team scored in the third, leaving the score at 3-0 Snaps. It was the top of the fourth when the Rug Sox scored their first run after Nicole Cancellare made it home after a series of base hits by Julie Pringle, Summer Cardoza, Marisa Estrella, and Jen Ingraham. Elissa DaCosta and Kate Hennigan both scored again in the bottom of the fourth for the Snaps. 

The Rug Sox made a comeback in the top of the fifth, starting off with a double by Katherine Clark, who then scored along with Nicole Cancellare after she cranked out a home run. The Rug Sox stepped up to the plate with many base hits, scoring an additional three runs. They then took the field for the bottom of the fifth and shut the Snaps down, allowing no runs to cross the plate. Jennifer Ingraham scored in the top of the sixth for the Rug Sox, who then went on again to shut down the Snaps. 

The score was 7-5, Rug Sox, heading into the final inning with Rug Sox player Katherine Clark scoring their eighth and only run. Snaps had their final at-bat in the bottom of the seventh, when Ashley Stites was able to make it home, but soon after, the game was closed out by a beautiful play by Rug Sox shortstop Summer Cardoza, who snagged a grounder hit by Kate Hennigan, throwing her out at first base, where Jessica Sonia was enduring the ultimate stretch to make the play, ending the game. It was tight, but in the end the Rug Sox, who were the fourth seed in the league, upset the second seed, the Snaps, for the win, 6-8.

The Rug Sox then went on to play their second game of the evening against the league’s third seed, the Mamas Girls. Nicole Cancellar kicked off the first inning for the Rug Sox by busting out yet another home run that evening. Sisters Lauren Scott and Emilyanne Rasmussen scored two runs for the Mamas in the bottom of the first. The Mamas shut down the Rug Sox in the second inning, not letting any runs make it home. Sue Magaraci of the Mamas was the only player to score in the bottom of the second, leaving the score at 3-1 Mamas. The Rug Sox showed up for the third inning, with base hits by Lizzie Robinson, Jess Sonia, Jen Held, and Summer Cardoza, two doubles by Morgen Schroeder and Jen Ingraham, and a triple by Nicole Cancellar, scoring five runs in total. 

The Mamas took to bat, and came back with a vengeance. A total of six base hits were had by Caroline Hannah, Martha Scheffer, Cana Courtney, Hayley Panek, Jillian Sedlier-Clarke, and Lauren Scott, on top of two home runs by Jaime Forend and Martha Scheffer for her second at-bat that inning, leaving the score at 13-6 at the top of the fourth.

The Rug Sox scored one run in the fourth, and shut the Mamas down with no runs scored, who in return shut them down for the fifth and sixth innings. The Mamas scored five runs in the fifth and two in the sixth, bringing the score to a total of 20-7 going into the final inning. The Rug Sox scored one more run before being knocked out of the playoffs by the Mamas with a final score of 20-8. 

The women of the league would like to give a big shout-out and thank you to the league commissioners, umpires, and team fans who work effortlessly, and have continued to keep the league afloat for all of these years. 

The league is always welcoming new players and teams, so if you find yourself interested in becoming part of a team or feel like going the extra mile to create a team of your own, feel free to reach out via email to