Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 10 – 14


Oct. 13, James F. O’Brien Jr. sold a parcel of land off 0 Moshup Trail to Robert Donohue, trustee of Sagamore Avenue Realty Trust, for $450,000. 

Oct. 12, Ralph G. Seferian sold 20 Pinkletink Road to Lester D. Paul and Debbie C. Paul for $5,000,000. 

Oct. 11, Travis M. Hayes and Leslie M. Cory, trustees of James P. Cory Revocable Trust and Leslie M. Cory Revocable Trust, sold 103 Edgartown Bay Road to Lori A. Priore and Thomas C. Priore for $6,200,000. 

Oct. 11, Scott P. Conners sold 25 The Boulevard to Albert J. Wintringham and Karen M. Wintringham, trustees of Wintringham 2005 Family Trust, for $3,450,000

Oct. 13, Donald C. Harrington and Elizabeth A. Harrington sold 31 Underway Drive to 13 Young LLC for $3,300,000. 

Oct. 14, Verne R. Clow sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 452 Week 18 to TSA Marie McCord for $500. 

Oct. 14, Noah Finkel, trustee of Jernegan Family Trust III, sold 45 Curtis Lane to 45 Curtis Lane LLC for $1,450,000. 

Oct. 14, Diane M. Signore and Jody G. Lohrs, trustees of Lohrs Family Trust Agreement, sold 0 Weaver Lane to Robert Stafford for $815,000. 

West Tisbury
Oct. 13, Michele B. Ruggiero, trustee of Vineyardlands Nominee Trust, sold 296 Oak Lane to BWP Properties LLC for $750,000.