Wishing Editor George Brennan well

Editor George Brennan accepts award on behalf of the newspaper for our special section on racism. — Courtesy NENPA

We would like to thank Editor George Brennan for his six years of leadership at the MV Times. Throughout his tenure Brennan worked with reporters, not only helping them hone their skills but making sure they excelled.

The MV Times won many New England Newspaper and Press Association awards on his watch, including several for Newspaper of the Year. His news reporters worked on special “Voices” sections steered by Brennan and focused on the unique challenges faced by those living on the Island. He worked on our Minute newsletter, helping to make it an informative and enjoyable read five days a week. As editor, Brennan fought hard for the peoples’ right to know, and he held those in power accountable, even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.

And although he commuted from Falmouth every day, Brennan grew to love Martha’s Vineyard as much as the rest of the staff, and we wish him every success as he moves on to a new chapter in his career.

The Times moves forward too, working hard to continue being the Island’s newspaper. We’ll be searching for a news editor in the coming weeks, meanwhile relying on our dedicated and hard-working staff to continue bringing you all of the news that matters most.

Peter and Barbara Oberfest


  1. Losing both George and Rich in the same edition of my favorite newsrag is big, sad news. Thanks for keeping us all well-informed week in, and week out. Good luck in your new ventures. Thanks, also, to the publishers and diligent staff – on whom we continue to rely.

  2. Who will do the censoring from now on. Hope posters simply voice opinions and dont name names. Getting tired of one person calling me andy which is not my name.

    • Andy, they are already heavily censoring these comments.
      If this is published, it will be my third try.
      Brennan was a lot of things, but one thing is certain, he stood up to the TPD when someone needed to.

    • andy– I often use the name of the person I am replying to as the system of “stepping in” on the comments is often confusing to me. So, I will continue to make it clear as to whom I am addressing. Especially if they have directly addressed me.

      And it might have been nice of you to say something positive about George, rather than whine about your personal issues.

  3. Thank you for doing a great job at the MV Times. I will miss both you and Rich. I wish you both the best in the future and hope the MV Times will be able to fill these two pair of very large shoes!

  4. Best wishes on your new adventures, George Brennan. I’m sure there are many things that you will miss about being at the Martha’s Vineyard Times, including the people here on island, but I hope you will enjoy your newly found freedom of time to explore different challenges. Enjoy!

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