The Vineyard comes out for Brazilian night


Thursday at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School was transformed for the second annual Brazilian Cultural Fest.

Roughly 250 people came out for Brazilian food, games, dancing, music, education and all around culture.

The event is sponsored by the School Advisory Council and organized by students.


  1. When do other cultures get their Cultural Fest at the High School? We have a wide variety of cultures on the island and it’s certainly not inclusive to celebrate just one.

        • John– It seems pretty obvious that “a community member” or a group of community members set this up.
          I can assure you it wasn’t set up by George Soros as part of his agenda to indoctrinate children into some sort of “woke” conspiracy to turn the United States into some sort of cultural “melting pot”.
          You can contact them at 508 693 1033.
          I am certain they will be happy to let you know how your group can set something like this up.

        • Present the highlights of your culture to the school and find out if it will offend the Island community as much as you are offended by the display of culture of the Island Brazilian community.

    • When will you be asking the school to have a culture night for your culture?
      What country did your culture emigrate from?
      Do they have cool costumes and dance moves?
      Would anyone want to go out and see them?

    • John–There are christmas celebrations at the school. You have stated that you identify as Christian. You can go then.

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