Real Estate Transactions: July 31 – August 4



August 2, Stanley Lim, trustee of Sarah Davis Kessler Trust, sold 3 Oxcart Road to Gilman Jerome Anderson and Winifred Louisa Amaturo, trustees of Gilman Jerome Anderson Living Trust, for $3,295,000. 

August 2, Megen Ottens-Sargent, formerly known as Megen Ottens, sold 832 State Road to Anna Katharina Trede for $1,100,000. 


July 31, Ernest D. May Sr., trustee of Ernest Dewey May Trust, and James N. May, trustee of James N. May Revocable Living Trust, sold 15 Red Valley Road to Glen Ora West LLC for $5,100,000. 

August 2, Brian L. Pesch, trustee of Barbara B. Pesch 2020 Trust, sold 5 Ocean View Farm Road to John R. Dasilva and Sharon M. Dasilva, trustees of 5 Ocean View Farm Road, for $2,410,000. 


July 31, Reiner G. Fenske, also known as Reiner Fenske, and Caroline B. Fenske, also known as Caroline Fenske, sold 5 Peases Point Road to Caroline B. Fenske for $1. 

July 31, Charles T. Felder sold 55 Windsor Drive to Simon F. Lund and Alisan M.F. Lohan-Conway for $1,100,000. 

July 31, Frank J. Wezniak sold 131 North Water St. Suite 51 to Charles D. Flack III for $1,850,000. 

August 1, Nora P. Etheridge sold 4 Berry Ave. to John Muckle and Leda Eizenberg for $80,000. 

August 4, Jo-Ann Becker, Jean Maurice Dure, and Helleane Geraldina Dure sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 463 Week 20 to David Palmer, Heather Palmer, Hollis Palmer, Hannah Tidwell, and Ryan Tidwell for $4,000. 

August 4, Caroline Guresz sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 209 Week 20 to Diana Ricitelli and Salvatore Ricitelli Jr. for $4,500. 

August 4, Virginia S. Greer sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 305 Week 21 to Brian Smith for $15,000. 

August 4, Elizabeth A. Carey Stygles sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 510 Week 28 to Christopher Benevides for $35,000. 

Oak Bluffs

August 1, William J. Lapointe and Katherine A. Lapointe sold 42 Tyler Creek Road to Levi Garraway and Gisele Garraway, trustees of Garraway Revocable Trust, for $5,100,000.

August 1, Donald E. Kaufman and Valerie R. Kaufman sold 16 Madison Ave. to Geoghan Coogan, trustee of First Vacation Home Nominee Trust, for $1,700,000.

August 2, John G. Holdbrook sold 14 East Side Road with a sixth undivided interest to Megan W. Holbrook and Amy M. Holbrook for $475,000. 


July 31, Pokedam Partners LLC sold 225 Bigelow Road to Robert Donohue, trustee of Sagamore Avenue Realty Trust, for $4,100,000. 

August 4, Leslie Leland, Richard H. Clark, Robin A. Sylvia, the Estate of Robert Harry Clark Sr., also known as Robert H. Clark, sold 0 Leland Ave. to Island Housing Trust Corp. for $100,000.