Wednesday, January 27, 2021

FAQS about COVID-19 vaccines

Who is organizing the vaccination effort on the Island? Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. How do I get a vaccine? Vaccines are available to eligible individuals based on the...

Gannon & Benjamin, MV Times buildings under agreement

Investors led by Nat Benjamin have an agreement to purchase the Gannon & Benjamin building, and a second building at 30 Beach Road in...

Vineyard Wind reawakens in the Biden era

Updated Jan. 26 Vineyard Wind, the wind energy developer that aims to construct America’s first industrial-scale offshore wind farm some 15 miles south of Aquinnah,...

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The Daily Covid Numbers

This daily update is brought to you by EatMV.

Total new cases today: 9

 Total new cases, last 7 days: 60/ Test positivity rate: 3.3%

 Total new cases, previous 7 days: 70/ Test positivity rate: 3.3%

Updated 5:20 pm, Jan. 22, 2021.
Case and testing numbers are from M.V. Hospital, TestMV, the Town of Aquinnah, and starting Tuesday, Jan. 19, from school testing totals (which increased the total number of tests significantly).

Island Housing Trust: Housing Is Fundamental

Safe and stable housing is fundamental to our community. Click here to watch our film and learn more about IHT’s work to create year-round housing.


Climate Solutions: Make way for EV trucks — they're coming and they’re cool!

2021 will see the beginning of electric pickup trucks being introduced into the market.
Governor Baker has mandated that by 2035, all “light-duty vehicles” sold in Massachusetts will need to be zero emissions. This means cars, but mandates such as this will boost the production of electric vehicles for all.

If you’re looking for a new truck and want to be on the cutting edge, a great article in Clean Technica gives a good description of some of what you could buy in 2021.

Here are some of those options and more:
• The Atlis truck platform is offering both a fleet work truck and a pickup truck, with range choice of 300-500 miles.
• The Ford F-150 Electric is coming, to be offered in 2022.
• The Rivian R1T has a range of 300+ miles. They also have the R1S, a sport utility vehicle with the same range.
• The Lordstown Endurance is being offered as a fleet vehicle. It’s designed with four “in-hub” motors to reduce the number of moving parts.
• The GMC Hummer EV has an estimated 350+ mile range.
• The Tesla Cybertruck is a space-age-looking vehicle with a 250 mile range.
• The Bollinger is an all electric truck that has a range of ~200 miles.
• The Jeep Wrangler 4XE is a plug-in hybrid: 25 miles of electric power combined with a gas engine.

Lots to explore and choose from!

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort.

Renewable MV Initiative:

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Stay Safe and Healthy on Island Trails

Martha’s Vineyard has a rich abundance of protected lands. Many remain open for walking, hiking, bicycling, and running, in strict accordance with state and local regulations. Heading into the winter months, the Island’s conservation groups continue to manage some properties differently to help ensure public safety and lower the risks of coronavirus transmission.

Winter hunting alert! Deer season is over, but hunting of other game is allowed in many areas. Please see detailed guidelines for each organization here.

Sponsored by the MV All-Island Trails Committee and TrailsMV

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An Open Letter to Our Community

The coronavirus pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge. At Martha’s Vineyard Bank, we are inspired by the local response, a unique mix of American fortitude, New England stoicism, and a balance of self-sufficiency and neighborly...


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