Thursday, September 24, 2020

Recovery community hit hard by pandemic

When the pandemic shut down the country in March, many were shuttered inside their homes, unable to work, and unable to spend time in...

Hospital urges patients to not delay care

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is urging people to not delay their medical care, and to receive flu shots ahead of the fall and winter...

Oak Bluffs sets date for special town meeting

Oak Bluffs selectmen set Saturday, Nov. 14, as the date for a special town meeting. Selectmen did not set a time for the Saturday...

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Island Housing Trust: A New Life on Daggett Ave.

IHT: A New Life on Daggett AveCombine a patient seller with a team of creative people and watch what they create together! To support IHT’s mission to end housing insecurity on the island donate now by clicking this link.


COVID-19 tests and results

 Test MV/Drive-through siteMV HospitalOther/Boards of HealthAquinnahTotals
Total tests performed14325485028319458
Total negatives13805471727818800
Total pending494875586
Total confirmed positives26462074
Percentage positive of total tests performed.18%.95%.38%
Antibody tests, Off-Island tests, symptomatic positives2424
Total Cases (positive tests + antibody tests + symptomatic positives)98

Each positive test does not necessarily represent a newly infected individual. For example, a positive test reported on July 1, 2020 by Martha’s Vineyard Hospital was a second test for an individual who had previously tested positive. The Total Cases number reflects the most current accounting of unique individuals with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on Martha’s Vineyard.

CLIMATE SOLUTIONS: Our Moonshot Moment

–Photo by Noli Taylor

Thomas Friedman, NY Times columnist, says “… as bad as this pandemic is, it’s just training wheels for the big, irreversible atmospheric pandemic: climate change.”

We were not prepared for the pandemic but we can prepare for the impacts of the climate crisis and reduce how much we are contributing to it. We have 10 years to make a real difference with climate change.  This is our “moonshot moment!”  This twice-monthly box (and the website below) will give you ideas on how to take action and help our Island meet the proposed goal of 100% Renewable MV by 2040.

What can you do?
Let your voice be heard Vote: our future depends on it! Use your power as a citizen to elect officials — at the federal, state, and local levels — who not only acknowledge climate change, but are committed to advocating for  a fossil-free future.
Support the 100% Renewable MV initiative when it comes up at town meeting (West Tisbury and Aquinnah this fall).
Support town initiatives and warrant articles that make your town’s buildings energy-efficient and 100% electric.

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort.; Renewable MV Initiative:

Things to do

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New Covid-19 Safety Rules on Island Trails

Martha’s Vineyard has a rich abundance of protected lands. Many remain open for walking, hiking, bicycling, and running, in strict accordance with state and local regulations. This summer, the Island’s conservation groups are managing some properties differently to help ensure public safety and lower the risks of coronavirus transmission. Please see detailed guidelines for each organization here

Sponsored by the MV All-Island Trails Committee and TrailsMV

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An Open Letter to Our Community

The coronavirus pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge. At Martha’s Vineyard Bank, we are inspired by the local response, a unique mix of American fortitude, New England stoicism, and a balance of self-sufficiency and neighborly...


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