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Suggestions for national savings

To the Editor:Here's a presidential plan of action to save the country while stimulating the economy.

Great treatment, but two problems

My wife and I have been vacationing in Oak Bluffs Harbor on our sailboat, The Depot, on a town mooring since 1987.

Not the publicity she want; she’d rather the real thing

I am native to New Jersey but have been coming to the Vineyard since I was a very little girl.

How about a cookie for us?

I have been very troubled for quite some time about an issue of great concern to all Vineyard lovers, near and far.

Eleanor Petricone

Eleanor "Flow" Petricone died on August 3, 2011, the eve of her 92nd birthday, surrounded by loved ones.

on galleries

The way we're most aware of the Island influence on galleries is that being here makes it easier to sell art.


Rafaela M.

Dirty drilling

The EPA, under court order, had to issue new air pollution standards for oil and gas exploration and production.

No more shark tourney

Upon seeing the disturbing image of the dead shark hanging from a hook in last week's paper covering the monster shark tournament (July 28,

Who’s the monster?

Public spectacles like the annual

Above and beyond

I have to thank publicly the Steamship Authority for their willingness to go out of their way to help all us folks making our way to the Vineyard.

Clearing up some confusion

To the Editor:It has come to our attention that articles about the recent sale of the Field Gallery and the Maley property in West Tisbury have caused some confusion.

I support Frank

One might wonder why some people may thumb their noses at the law.

For safer trails

Watching the two victims of a bicycle-to-bicycle wipeout Monday, in Katama on the right fork path, get attended to and then whisked off to the hospital, it reminded again of the need for cyclists of all levels to stay reasonable and use prudent caution.


In April 2011, taxpayers in Tisbury voted in favor of the purchase of a new 2010 or better refuse truck.

A vote for good information

I just returned home from the Chilmark Film Festival screening of "Page One: Inside the New York Times.

Hitting below the belt

Why would the MV Times print a front page