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When Starr ate rat poison

Starr is a typical Labrador retriever, which means he loves to eat and isn’t picky about the menu. So it was no surprise that when he discovered a block of rat poison, Starr chowed...

Something’s wrong with Gamaliel

The gentle chirp of crickets alerts me to a weekend text message from my answering service — a pleasant improvement from the days when every emergency was announced by the loud, adrenaline-producing jangle of...

Visiting Vet: Little dog brings big challenge

Tidbit is a tiny toy poodle, weighing only 5 pounds. OK, I don’t really have a patient named Tidbit, but let’s imagine I do. Little dogs pose unique challenges for veterinarians. It can be...

Adopt me!

Ace would like to be home for the holidays.

Animals for Adoption

There are three facilities on the Island that offer animals for adoption. The Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard (ASMV), Edgartown: For more information about ASMV, call 508-627-8662 or search them on Facebook. Martha’s Vineyard Helping Homeless...

When it’s raining cats and dogs: pet disaster preparedness

How to prepare pets, when it’s raining...cats and dogs

Cats seeking women (or men)

Cats seeking women (or men)

These animals are looking for fur-ever homes

Correction: The print version of this article, published September 11, incorrectly identified Cali, Josephine, Dakota, Rupert, and kittens as pets available at Martha's Vineyard Helping Homeless Animals. They are available at The Animal Shelter of Martha's Vineyard....

Thank goodness for greyhounds

The sweet, even-tempered, and good natured dogs are a blessing

Ask the Dogfather: triplets on the way!

Tom Shelby, who has trained dogs and their owners on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York City, answers readers’ questions about their problematic pooches. This week, the dogfather counsels the owners of a pregnant...

‘Heart attacks’ in humans and pets

The main thing I remember was the cardiologist yelling at me to stop asking so many questions. I guess I was curious. I know I was lucky. My heart gave me warning. No actual heart attack. No sudden death. Just gratitude.

These animals are looking for fur-ever homes

There are three organizations on Martha’s Vineyard that have animals for adoption.

Vineyard pets and their quirks

A cat who loves a bunny, a dog who loves commercials, and more.