Thursday, July 18, 2024

Literary Arts

To a lover of peanuts

No ifs, ands, maybes, probablys or buts.

Beach reads

There are biographies, historical novels, mysteries, among the other types of books — good summer reads, those books you read barefoot, or on a porch, or while your skin freckles and you smell like coconut oil.

Kate Feiffer’s new children’s book: “But I Wanted a Baby Brother!”

"But I Wanted A Baby Brother!" Kate Feiffer, illustrations by Diane Goode.

Phishing expedition

I was dragged into the modern world of intimate strangers when I signed on for a Facebook account.

To East Chop nesters

are these nest-builders on Crystal Lake.

Dan Waters’s new book

"Life Lesson" The Verses of D.

A hellish trip to Woods Hole

"Satan's Peril" by Tom Hale, self-published.

Alan Brigish’s “Martha’s Vineyard – Now and Zen”

"Martha's Vineyard — Now & Zen," Susan Klein, Alan Brigish.

First time Edgartown author pens “Hundred Day Haul”

"Hundred Day Haul" is a bittersweet drive through a different America, one that is worth remembering —especially in the hopes of that optimism being restored.

No turn for tern

"No Turn For Tern! A Martha's Vineyard Moonlight Mystery," Rebecca J.

Judith Campbell pens “A Deadly Mission”

"A Deadly Mission," by Judith Campbell, Mainly Murder Press, LLC.

“For All The Right Reasons:” A rock and roll love story

"For All The Right Reasons" by Ann Lister, SleighFarm Publishing Group, 248 ppg, $9.

A nursery in the sky

is the osprey nest on the lights.

To an incubating osprey mom

it's hard to forget her intense glare.

Lost in translation

I had the most interesting email conversation with the woman who is doing the Brazilian Portuguese translation of "One Good Dog.

“Schooner” by Tom Dunlop and Alison Shaw

"Schooner: Building a Wooden Boat on Martha's Vineyard" by Tom Dunlop, photographs by Alison Shaw, Vineyard Stories, July 1, 2010.

New little ones at Quantapog

mom and dad guide six little ones to the pond.

Nick Bunker to appear at Bunch of Grapes

"Making Haste from Babylon (The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World, A New History)" by Nick Bunker, Alfred A.

Richard North Patterson pens new book, “The Spire”

Look for a change of pace in "The Spire," Island resident Richard North Patterson's recent thriller of murder and embezzlement on a small college campus in central Ohio.

Author Carol McCleary speaks in Oak Bluffs

"The Alchemy of Murder" by Carol McCleary, Forge Books, 2010.