Friday, August 19, 2022
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Meet Your Merchant Plus

Point B Realty celebrates their fifth anniversary this summer

 Meet Your Merchant Plus is sponsored content. * Point B Company History It was a gutsy move, opening a new real estate company during the toughest economic crisis in decades. In April 2009, Wendy Harman employed her...

Stefanie Wolf moves to Edgartown

My friendly artisan neighbors came running to my rescue but we all reached the same conclusion. The only way to get this growing body of water off of my tent top was to poke a hole in the canvas and allow it to pour into the center of my display.

Dr. Ryan Shea, O.D.

                          Island Grown eye care at Dr. Finkelstein’s office.

Bananas Clothing

‘A genuine warmth’ for women and men.

The Green Room

To start a business on Martha’s Vineyard, ‘you’ve got to jump in with both feet.’