Monday, January 18, 2021

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Growing up, one of the most common things I had ever heard about college was that it’s where you 'find yourself.' When I was young, the naïve me heard this and thought 'but I’m not lost...'

Bella Bennett writes from Venice

When the GPS reported that I was ten minutes away from what was supposed to be Woods Hole, and I recognized nothing, I finally realized my mistake. I’d chosen the New Bedford fast ferry as my destination.


My concept was to explore the idea of how people react to body modification with something that is handcrafted with a precious metal. I have gauges – ½ inch. Sometimes in a regular conversation, I’m talking to someone and they stare at my earrings and my gauges. Their facial expression changes and they proceed to treat me differently. Both on a good note and a bad note.

Jacob Lawrence endures finals

It’s impossible', I thought as I read the first question. I had a paragraph’s worth of words to write an intelligent and thorough answer about how the problems plaguing our environment are also in fact social problems and, more specifically, how each environmental problem affects different social and racial groups around the world.

Erin Sullivan, content creator, off to college

I want to open their minds with stories that could potentially melt even the coldest of hearts. My dream, my unique lust as a human being is to be able to inspire, and to be remembered by at least one other person as someone who made the world a better place through what I love doing.

Bella Bennett downsizes

Bella Bennett contemplates living on less. Far less

To The Moon

I was going to house the moon within a box. The box would have an opening. Viewers would be able to put their hand through red curtains in an opening of the box. Similar to how astronauts first went into the abyss of space.

College is feeling like college

If I get dealt a good hand, I just say 'college' and go about smiling. In this case I was dealt a very, very bad hand, which consisted of countless all-nighters, a lot of reading, pounds and pounds of junk food and a lot of energy shots. But nevertheless, I just chalked it up to 'college,' and I took care of business.

Bella Bennett hits the books

Year One: The Home Stretch

Jacob Lawrence is back

After 18 is an ongoing series about what four graduates from the class of 2013 are doing this year.This week's dispatch is from Jacob Lawrence, who is attending the University of Massachusetts, where he...

Bella Bennett writes from Skidmore

Bella Bennett writes from Skidmore College in New York

Jacob Lawrence writes from Amherst

So, You're Officially a College Student"¦..Now What?

Bella Bennett writes from Sicily and London

Bella Bennett writes from Sicily.