Thursday, July 18, 2024

Health & Wellness

Physical Chess: The mind game of boxing

Boxing instructor Matt Cancellare believes boxing improves fitness of the mind.

Babesiosis: The other tick borne illness

What is Babesiosis? And how can you protect yourself from it on Martha’s Vineyard?

Off-road cyclists hit a different route each Sunday

The Vineyard Off-Road Bike Association has spun its wheels around the trails of Martha’s Vineyard for 30 years.

Stamp out Spring Allergies

Don’t let tree pollen and other allergies prevent you from enjoying springtime on M.V.

Seasonal Sanity: Summer

Tips on surviving the madness of summer.

Workout of the Week: TRX

Invented by a Navy Seal, TRX suspension training is not for the weak of heart.

Our panel shares dry skin solutions

Don’t let winter suck the moisture out of your skin. Try these expert tips.

It’s everywhere – visiting specialist addresses mental health on Island

We see higher rates of depression and substance abuse on the Cape and Islands," she said. She attributed the increase, in part, to “a combination of the isolation and the lack of natural light.

Seasonal Sanity: Spring

The season of the big inhale

Workout of the Week: Jumping Rope

we practiced a number of beginner moves, including the 'double bounce, (jumping twice while the rope circles you.) While I grew frustrated by my lack of coordination and heavy breathing, I realized how little Ms. Waldrop seemed to have to strain. I was ready for an orthopedic bed and some Gatorade at this point, but we weren’t done yet.

Finding balance for spring

Meditation, and lots of it.

Workout and VTC hosts 7th and 8th grade girls

The Workout and Vineyard Tennis Center in West Tisbury hosted its annual seventh and eighth grade girls day on Sunday, March 9. More than 20 students attended the event, which promoted relaxation, health, and...

East meets west at the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard

Qigong, a powerful Chinese system of healing and energy medicine, will be a featured class at the YMCA through April.

Workout of the Week: Take a Hike

Forget the incline on the treadmill — there’s a whole playground out there.

Workout of the Week: BodyPump

Barbells aren’t just for bodybuilders.

Workout of the Week: CrossFit

Trying the high intensity strength and conditioning program that’s the talk of the nation.

Workout of the week: bodyART

Cardio, yoga, and pilates join together in perfect harmony.

A new bend on yoga

Online classes turn any home into a yoga studio.

Winter workout gear

The best of cold-weather active fashion from local retailers.