Thursday, July 18, 2024

Islander Essays

With a song in our hearts (and it should stay there)

With a song in our hearts (and it should stay there).

Shopping cart etiquette and breaking rules.

Shopping cart etiquette and breaking rules.

Observations of a Rinse-a-shore

Observations of a Rinse-a-shore.

From Afar: Hollywood’s Not that Hollyweird

Hollywood’s Not that Hollyweird.

A walk in winter

Finally, I was alone at my desk, ready to write.

Storm and sky

A strong northeast wind blew across the Island just in time for Halloween, blasting away any illusions that Indian summer might linger.

Summer swimming

Wet bathing suits are back on the line, and we shower outside amid pale pink roses that tangle in my hair.

Bluebird box

A dozen bluebirds wintered over in the field next to our house.

Estate sale

I run through the tall grass to Cary's house next door to get a number from the auctioneer.

A thing about bluebirds

I have a thing about bluebirds.

Not the Thanksgiving Day it always was

This will be the first Thanksgiving I will not sit crammed between a cousin, nephew, or brother whose elbows dig into my ribs each time they take a bite.

Trained by the birds

Birds have been my best teachers lately.

Evening watch

Even on summer evenings I didn't often linger outside.

For millions of years, the painted turtle endures, but how?

Chores push our walk at Duarte's Pond into the evening.

Shedding, it’s a journey

Our labs make shedding look so easy.

An unexpected winter visitor

On Sunday morning two weeks ago there was a fluffy orange mound huddled in the tray of my birdfeeder. I thought I had eaten too much French toast and syrup. Was this a Baltimore...