In the Air at the Fair

four cyclists on a wire high in the air.


Abigail Alice and Charlotte Elizabeth MacyCasey Correira-Macy and Isaac Bruce Macy of New Bedford announce the birth of their twin daughters, Abigail Alice and Charlotte Elizabeth Macy, on September 15 at Providence Women & Infants Hospital.

First Irene, then autumn have muted Martha’s Vineyard color

Some gardeners throw in the trowel about now, but there are plenty of seasonal options when it comes to color.

State honors Pia Webster of Martha’s Vineyard Cultural Council

Pia Webster has never forgotten the trip she made to France many years ago, and she hopes to make similar opportunities available to others.

When diabetes sneaks up on healthy Martha’s Vineyard pets

Dramatic weight loss in pets can indicate a number of conditions, including diabetes.

Jess James’ fashions reflect surfer philosophy

She's a dancer, a surfer, a landscaper, and she has a line of clothing. What next for this young Chilmarker?

Dan Waters honored by Permanent Endowment of Martha’s Vineyard

Dan Waters "” poet, printer, black belt, shoe salesman, guitar picker, graphic artist, freelance writer "” has cobbled together a fully creative life.

Sweater weather on Martha’s Vineyard

Well, we have definitely headed into the weather that requires a fall sweater or jacket on hand to chase the chill away.

An era long gone in a remote part of Martha’s Vineyard

Quansoo says beach to most Islanders, but there's a farm there too, with a rich and interesting history.

VIDEO: 21 and 1/4 inch striped bass is the winner at kids derby

Early Sunday morning, children and teens came to the Oak Bluffs Steamship Authority Pier for some fishing and fun.


Was it just me, or was the past weekend a little intense here in Aquinnah? On Saturday we had Michelle Laurie's beautiful memorial.

Oak Bluffs

This Saturday is Tivoli Day, so that means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

West Tisbury

Three inches of rain last week, followed by sunny, cool days, perfect September weather.


Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes and lots of wishes for many more go out to my dear husband, Donald.


They ate lots of potatoes while on their Canadian adventure, but the MacLeod family is now home and settling back into the work and school routine.


Here we are amid those lovely, warm fall days that we brag about to tourists when asked how we deal with the summer crowds: "Don't worry.

Bid Whist tourney goes annual on Martha’s Vineyard

Friends and family of the late Buddy Harris keep the game he loved alive at the Portuguese-American Club.


Luciana and Jesse Fuller of Oak Bluffs announce the birth of their son, Anthony Fuller, on September 9 at Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

YMCA offers tech training to Martha’s Vineyard youth

Funded by Comcast, a new program at the Y will help prepare young Islanders from low-income families to join the current workforce.

The 7th Annual Aquinnah Wampanoag Powwow

Drumming, dancing, and socializing characterized the seventh annual Aquinnah Wampanoag Powwow held in the circle at Gay Head over the weekend.