Thursday, September 24, 2020


The weather this past weekend was so lovely, I actually had the doors open in my house, it got so warm.

Swan presided over Mill Pond

Joanie Jenkinson, Animal Control Officer for West Tisbury, has brought a white swan back to the Mill Pond.

Lucky, the unfortunate Sheltie

Lucky is a middle-aged Sheltie adopted by his current owner from the MSPCA six years ago. Other than minor problems, he seemed a healthy dog.

Thinking of others

Thanksgiving celebrations in the post-war years seemed to be a refuge for spiritual urges that did not involve commercialism.

Edgartown Hardware is moving on up

Those who have driven on the West Tisbury Road into Edgartown between August and now may have seen lots of activity in the old Isuzu lot across from the Edgartown School.

Faster than the speed of sail

On October 28, 2010, Rob Douglas set a new outright world speed sailing record when he achieved an average speed of 55.65 knots on a 500-meter course in Luderitz, Namibia.

Community Suppers in Edgartown

Edgartown Community Suppers are hosted each Monday night at 5 pm in the Baylies Room of the Old Whaling Church from October 25 through March 28.

Soups for soul on Martha’s Vineyard

Are you, like me, one of those who dread the darkness and get a sinking feeling in your stomach when the light fades in mid-afternoon now that Daylight Saving Time is over? Here's an antidote: Make soup! There is nothing like homemade soup to warm the belly and lift the spirit.

Harley Riders saddle up for Martha’s Vineyard charity

The holidays trigger all kinds of responses in people, but on Martha's Vineyard there's one constant - the Red Stocking Fund.


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Well, the clocks have rolled back, which brings darkness to our doorstep just a bit earlier each day.


It's rainy, it's windy, and it's dark at four o'clock.

West Tisbury

I'm writing this on Sunday evening.

Oak Bluffs

All the towns did so well on voter turnout last Tuesday.


I am sorry to tell you that Bob and Patsy Wheeler are leaving us next week.

Making working farms work on Martha’s Vineyard?

"The panel shed light on some of the barriers, real or perceived, about the harvest, delivery, the business of farming," Ali Berlow said about a forum at the Grange Hall on November 1.

Challenging the Pacific…and history

Scholarship and good story telling don't always come in the same literary package, but when they do, the rewards for readers are enormous.

Minnesingers host mini-concert and fundraiser

The Minnesingers, the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School's choral group, held their annual auction and mini-concert last Saturday at the Portuguese-American Club.


Aretha and Keron Brown of West Tisbury announce the birth of their daughter, Fiona Brown, on November 7 at Martha's Vineyard Hospital.