Cristina Pereira is the new Education Coordinator and Day Camp Director for Mass Audubon at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Oak Bluffs.

Visiting Vet

This spring, Amex, an elderly Corgi, came in for her annual visit.


I'm having trouble believing it is already June.

Forest conservation “” a regional plan

Harvard Forest Director David Foster sounds remarkably chipper for a preeminent conservation expert whose team of 20 noted scientists from across New England just concluded that our region's forests are on the path toward becoming an endangered species.

Oak Bluffs

Well, we almost had it.

Go native, get wet

We cut, clear, tidy, and attempt to create new idylls.


Get well wishes go to Vera Shorter, Marcie Jones, and Gretchen Jacobs who at last word were in hospitals in Boston.

To an incubating osprey mom

it's hard to forget her intense glare.

Blessing the boats

On Sunday, the Chilmark Community Church celebrated its annual blessing of the fleet service with the fleet, or parts of it, as almost-active participants.


High Honors: Andora Aquino, Matthew Fisher, Olivia Gross, Sarah Hall, Anna Hayes, Gail Herman, Shaelah Huntington, Madison Ibsen, Tessa Permar, Meghan Pettit, Hayley Pierce.


The lilacs are in bloom and looking quite beautiful.

Oak Bluffs

Well, it looked like an almost impossible task, but the crews building the sidewalks and resurfacing the roadways downtown have finished, and what a great job they did.


Congratulations to Emily Laursen and Dominick Biocchi, who were married on Saturday afternoon.

Songs to learn by

Worldwide, some 6,000 "songbird" species are put by taxonomists into a single order (Passeriformes, but don't worry, that won't be on the quiz).


I'm getting a little disturbed by all the gossip around here; I mean I have heard so much gossip the past week and I can't use any of it in my column.

Learning from the earth

There's an ongoing program in the heart of the woods in Aquinnah that can only be described as life-changing.

Lost in translation

I had the most interesting email conversation with the woman who is doing the Brazilian Portuguese translation of "One Good Dog.

An angel from West Tisbury

This past winter Pam McCormick of West Tisbury identified a need on the Island.

Run for the Rainbow

Main Street in Edgartown was flipped on its head Saturday morning during the 11th annual Rainbow Run, a fundraiser for Rainbow Place, a preschool on Anthier's Way.


Abigail Larsen, daughter of John and Susan Larsen, has won the Lillian and Arthur Dunn Scholarship given by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.