Every day we see more of our summer friends returning.


The Chilmark Store is open, the Chilmark Store is open! We don't have to drive half an hour to get milk, or toilet paper, or sugar, or the Sunday Times, and it's all just ten minutes away.

Are we early yet?

Vineyard weather is famously fickle, and it seems like every season brings surprises.

Lucinda Chandler finds her legs

When you fall off a horse, the old saying goes, climb right back into the saddle.

Celebrating Chief Toomey

On Saturday night, about 200 community members, friends, and colleagues gathered at the Agricultural Hall to thank Beth Toomey for her work as the police chief of West Tisbury and to celebrate her retirement from police work.

West Tisbury

There was quite a crowd attending Beth Toomey's retirement party at the Ag Hall last Saturday night.


As I write, Sarah and Ali Flanders sit on the ferry bound for home.

West Tisbury

The subtlety of shad bush blooming in its quiet way was last week.

Oak Bluffs

If you heard all the sirens and fire truck horns sounding on Saturday morning, you might have thought we were under attack, but it was a parade for the official opening day of the Island Little League.

Catching up, keeping up

"Camellias in bloom are among Polly Hill Arboretum's many flowering attractions.


We're in that spring limbo of wool sweaters one day, tee-shirts the next, with raincoats always on hand, just waiting for Mother Nature to make up her mind, already.


I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying this spring.

To a nesting pair (Vineyard Verses)

two ospreys posed in their pole-top abode.

Bike MS: Riders cruise the Vineyard

Six hundred and ninety-one cyclists completed Bike MS: Ride the Vineyard fundraising ride, in the sun on Saturday with more than 100 volunteers and five Island businesses providing support.

Spanish spoken here

On Thursday, April 29, the multi-purpose main hall of the Charter School was transformed into Tarde Espanola (Spanish Afternoon).

Play ball!

Jamie McNeely's eyes light up and there's a lift in his voice when he talks baseball.

Senior softball diplomacy is a hit in Cuba

Alan Bresnick, 71, hasn't played a complete game of baseball since 1955 when he was a senior in high school.

Caitlyn Francis signs on with champs

Caitlyn Francis of Oak Bluffs, a senior at MVRHS, has recently signed a letter of intent and received a partial scholarship to ride with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship equestrian team at the University of Georgia next fall.