Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Wind energy is a bad bargain

Besides fearlessness — Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker appeared Sunday evening in the unforgiving Democrat precincts of Chilmark — Mr.

A daunting task, but developing safe cycling routes is essential

The sad death on July 6 of a bicyclist on State Road in Vineyard Haven has spurred discussion and some action on bicycle safety and the need for well-planned routes for bikes, and indeed for walkers, strollers, in-line skaters, baby-carriage pushers, dog walkers, etc.

Housing for those whose options are few

The West Tisbury selectmen have agreed to award three lots in Bailey Park to Habitat for Humanity of Martha's Vineyard (HFHMV).


I'd love to know how everyone's gardens are doing.

What’s the deal on electricity costs?

Cape Light Compact promises a reduced rate for electricity from now through January 2011, nine percent lower than what we've been paying during the first half of the year.

Smart energy thinking is blown away by wind power enthusiasm

If you are one of those who favor a clean, plentiful, growing, cheap supply of energy to support the growth of the American economy — and, naturally enough, its many subdivisions, including this tiny, remote (but not remote enough) outpost we call home — you cannot but despair.

The regulators have their data, fishermen need their own – and a plan

The ferment in the fishing community, in reaction to threats to the industry's health and to the internal contraction among participants and within markets, began several years ago and began accelerating recently.

It’s our birthday. Look up with a smile.

As a nation, we grouse too much.

A good idea is what you make of it

In his May report to the Tisbury selectmen, Robert Wasserman's Strategic Policy Partnership outlines the steps to be taken if Tisbury and Oak Bluffs elect to merge their police forces.

A chance to speak up about the cost of electricity

The Cape Wind deal to sell the electric power that the planned Nantucket Sound wind farm may one day produce will certainly cost electricity end-users more than conventionally produced power.

This is no way to commence

It is distressing to think that members of the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School's Class of 2010 will commence their post-graduate lives Sunday in a spirit of controversy and division.

A high price for a modest contribution

The May 7 announcement of a 15-year deal between Cape Wind and National Grid prices electricity created by wind turbines at 20.

Not in vain

We forget.

The drug business and the courts

There is not the data one would need to conclude that the drug problem here is more severe today than it has historically been.

The Dunn site belongs in the public domain

Based upon the testimony so far, commercial developer Sam Dunn's plan to add business and residential spaces in what is now open space bordering on the Vineyard Haven arm of the Lagoon Pond will meet current regulatory standards.

A perverse strategy

Lots of Islanders have housing Odysseys to tell, and most are harrowing.

The vote’s in, but the jury’s out

Tisbury's town election stimulated voters.

Yes on beer and wine sales

The debate rages unabated over whether Tisbury will allow sale of beer and wine with meals in restaurants.

Connector road, redux

It's too soon to say mission accomplished, but the decision by Tisbury voters to proceed with planning and funding the so-called connector road between State Road and the Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road is a smart one.

A hospital to celebrate

Sunday, Islanders will visit the new Martha's Vineyard Community Hospital, at the invitation of the trustees, to see what years of planning and broad generosity from seasonal and year-round residents has wrought.