Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Islanders winter at the Y

While there may have been a lack of flurries outdoors this winter, there has been a flurry of activity at the Y over the last few months.

Visit Egypt. Really

Note to Vineyarders who like to travel: This is a great time to visit Egypt.

Mill Pond’s future needs careful judgment by West Tisbury voters

There has been a lot of discussion and information lately about West Tisbury's Mill Pond.

A bookstore dies; writing and reading Islanders lament

It's a very sad thing to hear that Edgartown Books is closing its doors, even if it's understandable given the economy and the twilight of not just neighborhood bookstores but quite possibly of the physical book itself.

Vineyard Nursing: A Prescription for a Healthy Senior Community

Like many people this time of year, I am in the midst of my year-end "review" of Vineyard Nursing Association – appraising our progress and gauging our preparedness for what 2012 might bring.

Shopping locally matters to businesses, and to you

We've done a great job educating people about why buying and eating locally grown food matters. Now it's time to mount a strong buy local campaign.

Dan Wolf, the first year: Working to translate a promise

As we remain focused on economic recovery and growth, we must do so in ways that are consistent with our values and in line with a vision of our future.

Sheriff’s Meadow will continue to strengthen community ties

Ensuring that our organization and our lands have strong, vital connections to the community is the single biggest goal of our plan.

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank walks a lengthier paper path

In 2011 the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank ecologist noticed a change that was ascribable to neither innovation nor shifting public tastes.

Community remains the cornerstone of Edgartown policing effort

Our officers take it personally when residents' homes are destroyed, vandalized and burglarized simply to feed a drug habit.

Edgartown District Court judge sees hopeful, and troubling, trends

Although the criminal totals engender some hope, we all know that a troubling trend on the Island is the growing abuse of prescription drugs.

The Y – not just a gym

I could barely contain my excitement when the Y opened its doors last spring.

Walter Delaney, an appreciation

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, there was a gathering at the Aquinnah Town Hall to thank Walter Delaney for his 17 years of service as the town's fire chief.

Re-entry isn’t easy, although another Vineyard summer will come

Almost every day since I've been back from the Vineyard, I've walked my dogs around Fresh Pond, the local reservoir in Cambridge, a city of 100,000.

How about a cookie for us?

I have been very troubled for quite some time about an issue of great concern to all Vineyard lovers, near and far.

One rooster finds a happy home

A mournful crowing for a couple of days, in other yards.

Estate sale

I run through the tall grass to Cary's house next door to get a number from the auctioneer.

Where to from here for Martha’s Vineyard Housing Fund

Several years ago, a property located at the corner of Dukes County Avenue and Masonic Avenue in Oak Bluffs captured the attention of the Island Affordable Housing Fund (IAHF), the neighborhood and eventually the entire Island.

TTOR – a winter’s preparation for Martha’s vineyard summer

Summer has arrived and with it fishermen, kayakers, beach walkers, swimmers, and more. TTOR's Martha's Vineyard properties are ready.