Monday, November 29, 2021
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Looking back down a long line of Christmas trees

My advancing age is being measured out in store-bought Christmas trees. We bought a Christmas tree from Tea Lane Nurseries again this year. Salty sold us a beautiful Frazier fir, just the right size...

Red Stocking Fund – a mission of unmixed caring for children

Last Friday, after weeks of shopping, wrapping, packing, and fundraising, Red Stocking joyfully distributed clothing, food, and toys to 419 Vineyard children from 274 families.

Are you Christmas or Hanukkah?

At my elementary school growing up, the teachers would have us form a long line outside the door before we could enter the school in the morning.

Trained by the birds

Birds have been my best teachers lately.

Evening watch

Even on summer evenings I didn't often linger outside.

The schoolhouse beckons – for learners, it’s a matter of ardor, not mere facts

We haven't a lot of ceremony left in American life, alas, but commencements do go on, year after year, and in the grand tradition, with full, appropriate panoply, bringing together, as we see here today, people from all walks of life, all parts of the country, and indeed of the world, to pay tribute to genuinely worthy accomplishment.

A perfect heart

Following is a reflection on the life of Patricia Neal, who died August 8, at her Edgartown home.

We face a ‘silver tsunami’ and its accompanying health care costs

It's no secret that the baby boomer generation has influenced this country in areas from pop culture to politics and the economy.

Toward a framework for Martha’s Vineyard wind energy regulation

In the coming year the Vineyard and Gosnold communities will be deciding what kind of wind energy development we want, both on land and offshore in state and federal waters.

For millions of years, the painted turtle endures, but how?

Chores push our walk at Duarte's Pond into the evening.

Shedding, it’s a journey

Our labs make shedding look so easy.

We promise safe, regulated beer and wine sales

As we wind up the town meeting season and head into the ballot there is one vote that many will be coming out on Tuesday to cast.

An unexpected winter visitor

On Sunday morning two weeks ago there was a fluffy orange mound huddled in the tray of my birdfeeder. I thought I had eaten too much French toast and syrup. Was this a Baltimore...

If Dr. King were here today

In years past, we all have looked forward to celebrating and remembering the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as we recalled his leadership and contributions during the civil rights struggles. But this...