Thursday, January 27, 2022
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A Red Stocking thankyou

'Twas the week before Christmas, the elves worked in shiftsAt generous Grace Church wrapping thousands of gifts.

He gives Santa the day off

I turned 60 a couple of years ago and to be honest, I haven't even thought about writing to you for decades.

A walk in winter

Finally, I was alone at my desk, ready to write.

Mev Good celebrated for sharing his history

A long life of lively experience and a willingness to share it made Mev Good himself a lesson for history students.

Storm and sky

A strong northeast wind blew across the Island just in time for Halloween, blasting away any illusions that Indian summer might linger.

The varied tributaries to a Mill Pond decision

If the Mill Pond was seen and visited by few, eliminating it would be much less of a social and philosophical problem.

The Derby on the home front – her view

In our house, the fever begins to build months before the official start of the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.

Grandparents’ lament at summer’s end

Our eldest granddaughter has been coming to the Vineyard ever since she was a little baby.

It’s a generational thing – home is where high-tech doesn’t work

And so, once again, I spent the majority of my August vacation on the phone with Comcast.

An ending in good hands

Martha's Vineyard Hospital is a good place to die, I thought as my mother lay fading away in a hospital bed overlooking Vineyard Haven Harbor on a sunny afternoon as the Shenandoah made her way to sea.

Summer swimming

Wet bathing suits are back on the line, and we shower outside amid pale pink roses that tangle in my hair.

Island coasting – a driving technique raised to lifestyle

I got into the habit of coasting downhill in neutral my first winter on Martha's Vineyard, in the fall of 1979.

To view or not to view – a tale from long ago

All this foofaraw put me in mind of when I dealt in poles and wires and views. Five poles did not get taken down; they were never put up.

Bluebird box

A dozen bluebirds wintered over in the field next to our house.

Always be kind

Welcome to one of the scariest moments you'll ever live through.

Remembering the steamship Nobska and her whistle

The steamship Nobska was my all-time favorite boat.

No on the Roundabout – it’s time for voters to have a say

Beginning next week, five towns in turn will vote at their annual town elections on a non-binding ballot question asking if a roundabout should be built at the Blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs.

The unhelpful roundabout referendum

A referendum asking only whether one is for or against the roundabout cannot provide a reliable gauge regarding the project.

A change in the dining experience, not in West Tisbury’s nature

Last Saturday afternoon, we opened our doors to the West Tisbury community to talk about question two on the April 12 ballot, which would allow beer and wine to be served in restaurants seating 50 or more guests.

Beer and wine questions in West Tisbury leave voters in a muddle

I have been asked to write a brief piece about the West Tisbury beer and wine question, which is article 41 on the April 10 town meeting warrant and will appear on the ballot two days later.