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Punchlines In Paradise

Free throw for free Giordano’s pizza

I have gotten a free pizza every single summer...With the exception of one tragic loss almost ten years ago, which had to be one of the best days of my dad’s life. I couldn’t believe it; the Giordano boys didn’t believe me.

Groundhog weekend: weddings, weddings and more weddings

The best aspect of these events — besides forever love of course — are the reunions of friends from many different chapters of my life. We don’t get to see each other regularly anymore and our lives have changed immensely. The laughs, though, have not aged a minute.


Charlie Nadler grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and graduated from MVRHS with the class of 2002. Until mid-March, he lived in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles where he worked in the film...

From Afar: Stumbling Home

What I most enjoyed was the personal history at every turn. Other runners at the starting line (notice I didn’t say during the race) included friends, classmates, and Jason Lew who delivered me eight years before this race was even a gleam in our eyes! The course also went right by my old house, which would look a lot better with shutters on the windows and a brown cocker spaniel in the yard if the owners happen to be reading this.

Entertainment After Entertainment

I have had to reteach myself to be warm on the phone because I had acclimated to people who shortened every interaction to the essence of its essence, people who never said hello because they probably calculated some formula in their head where if they added up all of the skipped hellos to assistants they could make .4 more movies over their career.

Assembling A Life

The bar had been set at a subterranean level for me, born into a family of writers. To us, the pen was mightier than the sword by default because our genes prevented us from being able to physically lift a sword.

The big leagues

It’s a fun blend of time travel and catharsis, although in this case it’s like going to a therapist who says, “Tell me about childhood, and if it's entertaining enough you can bill me.

New work city

Turns out it was worse. The next step would be a cocktail party, at their office, with all of the other candidates present. The Hunger Games is a movie, people, not an employment strategy.

Friendships passing in the night

Change is a raw deal. It continually sneaks up on us, yet we never become accustomed to it. As a child I thought geriatric people were ridiculous to complain about inflation, technology, or rap music, but now that I am one third of the way to elderly I completely get it.

Possessions and Concessions

The funniest thing for me about packing is how it unearths exhibit after exhibit of bad decisions. Why did I buy a twelve pack of floss? Do we have room in the car for that much floss? Who do I know who will take a twelve pack of floss without thinking I’m a serial killer?

Moving On

Labor Day 2006. The last big wave of tourists on Martha's Vineyard departed and it was time for my Hollywood life to begin. I needed reliable transportation and sage advice, so I tossed my successful comedy writer father into the passenger seat of my Toyota and drove onto the ferry. I asked him to pack light, which he did, although he revealed in Woods Hole that he had brought nine hats.

The coldest man

The Coldest Man

Two Day Job

Charlie Nadler grew up on Martha's Vineyard and graduated from MVRHS with the class of 2002. He lives in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles where he works in the film and television...

How I Got Into Stand Up Comedy, Thanks To My Mom’s Third Marriage

How I Got Into Stand Up Comedy, Thanks To My Mom’s Third Marriage.

How to be a cooler boyfriend

How to be a cooler boyfriend in just 45 minutes.

From Afar: Hollywood’s Not that Hollyweird

Hollywood’s Not that Hollyweird.