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Publisher's Note

In last week's (10/27/2016) issue of the Martha’s Vineyard Times we published a signed column (“Gone Hunting”) that included personal information regarding a person involved in the incidents described. The column’s author, Nelson Sigelman, is...

Gone Hunting: An Island duck hunter is the target of an angry squawk

Updated Friday, 3:30 pm * A man with a baseball cap on backward stood at the edge of the marsh screaming at me on Saturday morning. Red face. Eyes wide open. Angry.  I didn’t know him...

Gone fishin’: Striped bass proved elusive on a foggy night

Generally speaking, I can accept those nights I go fishing and do not catch fish. One of the benefits of living on Martha’s Vineyard is that I can safely assume there will be another...

Gone huntin’: Don’t brake for turkeys

Martha’s Vineyard is fortunate to have flocks of turkeys; they are grand animals to look at, particularly a tom strutting his stuff in full feathered regalia. However, well-meaning people who treat the official wild...

Gone huntin’: A deer hunter tallies up the years

Midway through the two-week deer shotgun season that began on Monday, I will turn 65 years old. The fact that this will occur on a treestand I carried into the woods and hauled up...

Gone huntin’: Goose sausage proves to be good stuff

The large flock of geese continued to swim up the cove as I crouched behind a pile of brush fashioned into a blind overlooking Tisbury Great Pond Saturday morning, my ancient Browning humpback shotgun...

Gone huntin’: This houseguest arrived with a compound bow

A New York state butcher provides quality control for area hunters and a model for Island farmers.

On Martha’s Vineyard, women embraced by hunting’s bonds

No longer a man’s sport, hunting draws three Island women who describe their love of the lifestyle.