Friday, October 30, 2020
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Climate change course seeks to educate and inspire

The West Tisbury library is offering a three-session course for those interested in learning more about climate change, and how to use that knowledge to combat the devastating impacts it has on society. The first...

Your Martha’s Vineyard climate change roadmap

There’s no longer any question that climate change is real. Dukes County is ranked one of the fastest warming regions in the nation, and sea level rise continues to change the character of Martha’s...

New federal report contradicts White House

On Nov. 3, 13 federal agencies jointly released an updated report that determined that global warming was continuing to contribute to sea-level rise, increased severe storms, colder winters, warmer summers, and drought. The cause,...

Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority gets grant for greener buses

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and the Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA) have been jointly awarded a $1.2 million grant for low or no-emission (“LoNo”) transit buses by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA)....

Greening Martha: The argument for more working farmland and woodland

Widespread management for agriculture or wood production on the Vineyard’s limited land area may seem counterintuitive or trivial when stacked up against the Island’s economic reality and high levels of consumption. Shouldn’t the Vineyard’s...

A conservation future for the Vineyard

Massachusetts offers an unusual and urgent opportunity for… conservation. Following widespread agricultural decline in the 19th century, the landscape reforested naturally, and … has more natural vegetation today than at nearly any time in...

Mill Brook summer data points to deadly temperature spikes

Mill Brook begins its journey in the Chilmark woodlands and travels approximately four miles, crossing 10 dams of various construction as it passes through West Tisbury, before it flows into Town Cove and feeds...

Life of a Tree: The cedar of Cedar Tree Neck

This is the third in a series of articles that will describe unique and old trees across Martha’s Vineyard — one tree for each town (March 9, “The Quansoo oak,” June 9, “The West...

Life of a Tree: The West Chop pitch pine

This is the second in a series of articles that will describe unique and old trees across Martha’s Vineyard — one tree for each town (March 9, “The Quansoo oak”). Each article relates the...

A dam removed, the Tiasquam begins to heal

Autumn meadowhawks — mid-size, red-bodied dragonflies — patrolled over sedges and grass on a recent mild autumn day, at noon at a freshwater wetland in West Tisbury. In drier areas, a few asters still...

The remarkable journey of the ginkgo tree began 200 million years ago

The ginkgo tree, several specimens of which may be found on Martha’s Vineyard, has a remarkable heritage that will be the subject of a talk by a man with his own distinguished background. “People know...

Actor Ted Danson plays an environmentalist in real life

Best known for his television and movie roles, Ted Danson is hard at work on a campaign to preserve ocean resources.

Goats and sheep help Martha’s Vineyard land organizations with weeds

Using animals for land management is as old as the hills. Two projects will gauge how effective it is for select Vineyard properties.

Delayed Tisbury Great Pond report shows low nitrogen levels

A recent report shows low but significant nitrogen levels in Tisbury Great Pond, one of the Vineyard's largest estuary systems.

Chappy beach closures to protect shore birds include wiggle room

More flexibility on the part of state and federal officials could keep one beach trail to Cape Poge open longer, The Trustees say.

All-Island selectmen’s meeting hears presentation on rising seas

The presentation illustrates the projected sea level rise predicted for Martha's Vineyard, following on forecasts for greenhouse gas emissions.

Free fishing gear disposal program will soon reach the Vineyard

Fishermen on Martha's Vineyard will be encouraged to drop off old fishing gear as part of a federal program to help cleanup the oceans.

Lawmakers approve dam, seawall loan program

The House and Senate last week gave final approval, and Wednesday Governor Patrick signed, legislation creating a loan and grant program to facilitate the repair or removal of unneeded dams and help finance repairs to structures aimed at controlling coastal flooding.

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation launches educational component

Sheriff's Meadow Foundation will broaden its public outreach with a new education initiative, launching this Saturday.

Martha’s Vineyard salt ponds face environmental dilemma

State scientists set levels to restore local ponds, but meeting those levels will be not be easy or inexpensive.