Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Color your yard with fall plants

Fall arrives with a whole new range of colors and choices that Vineyard gardeners can employ. Four of the Island's gardening centers offer their advice.

Trend watch: Outdoor fire pits

Many Islanders regard fall and winter as their favorite seasons, and outdoor fire pits can help hosts continue to entertain well into the colder months.

Hiring unlicensed contractors is often expensive

Chris Meyer, owner of All Service Plumbing and Heating in Oak Bluffs, got a call recently to fix another man's work.

No man cave is complete without a throne

A man's home is his castle but a proper recliner is his throne.

Tree swallows migrate over Martha’s Vineyard

Fall migration brings rare birds to the Vineyard, which makes Island birders happy.

Late-season gardening on Martha’s Vineyard

Upcoming at PHA: Fall Plant Sale, Saturday, Sept.

Backyard nature on Martha’s Vineyard

Regular readers of this column will know that while I enjoy every aspect of nature, I reserve a special enthusiasm for nature that turns up where you don't expect it.

Know what you eat

Another summer has sped by.

On the move, sadly

It's the start of Departure Season: this weekend, following illumination night, the O.

Trees, dogs, beans, and salt

Our shade trees are demonstrating their importance during the increasingly hotter summers the Vineyard is experiencing.

Early-bird beach plums

This spring the beach plum blossoms were magnificent.

Bluestem, native to Martha’s Vineyard

August is the time of the most active growth and flowering for a surprising number of our native plants.

Looking ahead

As we head into August, the Island setting welcomes a whole new cast of characters and a wholly different feel in weather, light, and garden atmosphere.

All hail swallowtails

The most famous butterfly may be the orange-and-black monarch, noted for its size, coloration, and prodigious migration.

The heat goes on

The season has turned, and now the time of ripening is upon us.

Now you see them….

On a recent sunny Saturday, I slipped my blue kayak into the Lagoon at the Lagoon Road boat landing in Oak Bluffs.

Garlic, nepetas, neem

July is here, yet it feels as if it has been July for three weeks already.

Open days, open gardens

Six lovely private gardens in Edgartown were opened to the public on Monday, thanks to the Open Days Program of the Garden Conservancy, a national organization dedicated to preserving garden spaces of remarkable beauty and historical import.

Fledglings get a move on

In a hole in a maple branch overhanging Wing Road in Oak Bluffs, a pair of downy woodpeckers have been packing insects into two or three youngsters in a hole in a branch.

Keep on keeping up

The West Tisbury Farmers' Market has resumed at the Grange Hall.