Letters to the Editor

Unfair competition for property-owning businesses

One has to pay the town taxes on his property, plus sewerage, new water usage, insurance for employees, and liability and bath facilities, a cost of over $2,000 quarterly.

Meaningful to them

To the Editor:The following is a copy of a letter sent to Mr.

Wiser and less expensive

Your June 3 editorial, "A high price for a modest contribution," falls short of telling the complete story about generating electricity with wind turbines vs.

For electricity, a logical choice

To the Editor:Nelson Sigelman's recent article about the future cost of electricity generated by Cape Wind, and the fact that Cape Wind intends to sell its power to National Grid (not our electricity provider) further reinforces the Vineyard Power initiative, in my mind.

Criminal corporation

To the Editor:Okay, let's hear it now about how a corporation is a person under the law.

Brazil Day a success, and thank you

On Friday May 21, we organized the first Brazilian awareness day at the regional high school.

Questions for the utility company

This is an open letter to the Tisbury Board of Health.

Before the oil gets here

To the Editor:I wish more than anything for some way to put a barrier around the Island before the oil gets here.

Hideous redesign in Oak Bluffs

Can someone please explain to me what has become of Oak Bluffs center? With its tastefully remodeled Steamship Terminal, it seemed poised to become the new gateway to our Island.

Telling Mary Fisher’s story

Thank you so much for the wonderful article on retired Edgartown teacher Mary Fisher (May 27, "Mary Fisher turns the clock on 103").

Thank you for so much help

I want to thank everyone for their quick response, focus, and thoroughgoing work immediately following the dramatic accident I was in at State and Old County roads.

Try public transport

The unfortunate 81-year-old woman who triggered the three-car crash at State and Old County roads should consider relinquishing her driver's license.

An 11-year lifesaving record

The SafeRides Program of Martha's Vineyard has been running strong for 11 years now.

Gratifying experience

Adult and Community Education of Martha's Vineyard (ACE MV) recently completed it's first humanitarian travel/service project in Nicaragua.

Love requited

I would like to thank the Martha's Vineyard community for coming out in force for my fundraiser.

Impossible without you

The "Creating Possibilities" Resource Fair, held on Saturday, May 8, at the MVRHS was organized in hopes of providing easy access to resources that could be supportive to families that include family members with developmental disabilities.

Open hearts for addiction’s victims

Addiction is a very misunderstood subject and a devastating disease many of our Islanders suffer, be it directly or indirectly through someone we love.

So many to thank

The members of the MVRHS junior class and the junior class advisors would like to deeply thank all those who have donated time and money to our fundraising efforts this year.

Energy independence begins with you

The recent disastrous oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico can be a turning point in history.

Don’t go near the water

Mother, may I go and swim?Yes, my darling daughter.