Thursday, February 25, 2021

Letters to the Editor

Disappointing visit to the new ER

I am very proud of our community for coming together to build a "better hospital.

A rebuttal

In a letter in the July 15 MVTimes, entitled "In response to the POINT advertisement", Paul Pimentel, in reference to the POINT advertisement of July 1, complains how tiresome it is to have to set the record straight, and then, in the guise of doing so, goes on to mislead your readers in a number of particulars.

Chappy bike path unneeded

On Saturday morning, about 50 Chappaquiddickians gathered to hear Chappaquiddick Bike Path advocate Dan Dulaski, funded by the Chappaquiddick Path Committee, give the third presentation of his plan for a two-way side bike path along the north side of the Chappaquiddick Road.

Amazing coverage

Just a note to say that the coverage of the harbor fire was simply amazing.

Building a sustainable world

The Vineyard Youth Summit for Sustainable Development was a success — thanks to so many.

A community that cares and acts

It is with a heavy heart and great pride that I write this letter about the tragic bicycle accident last week in Tisbury.

Gratitude abounds

To the Editor:The free Pancake Breakfast on July 3, honoring our Island veterans who sacrificed so much forthe freedom of our country was a big success.

Is a university extension program possible here?

To the Editor:I remember when the Nathan Mayhew Seminars started years ago on the Island, and I was excited about the possibilities.

You should step up

On Tuesday, June 29, I had to drive my husband's truck to work (which I really didn't want to do because he keeps it so immaculate).

Toward bicycle safety

On behalf of the Martha's Vineyard Camp-Meeting Association, I want to thank Chief Blake and the Oak Bluffs Police for providing officers to conduct a Bicycle Safety Clinic held at the campground on Saturday (July 10).

Slaughterhouse needed

History tells us that during the Revolutionary War the crews from British ships took a great number of sheep to slaughter for the meat.

Changing our behavior

We watch with dismay as the scope of the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history unfolds day after day in the Gulf of Mexico.

No timetable to call Hospice

Over dinner conversation with my wife recently, the conversation turned toward the struggle of a friend with cancer.

Hospital cost shift

The residents of the Vineyard have long wondered why we have to wait five to six hours to be seen and treated at the Emergency Room at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

Loving care

To the Editor:It is with heartfelt thanks to Dr.

A ladder would help

To the Editor,They say the best things in life are free, and jumping off the bridge at State Beach on a warm sunny day is one of those things.

Let’s move on bike safety

I am very upset by the death of bicyclist Dina Dececca.

Cyclists endanger others on bridge

On June 15, I was walking over the Lagoon Pond Bridge and was hit from behind by a bicycle.

We can do better

It is with a sadness like no other that I write this.