Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Overjoyed by paper step

I was overjoyed when I read that a market would take the risky initiative to place a fee on paper grocery bags.

Van tours are his business

Martha's Vineyard Transport has been doing van tours as a charter company, and has brought thousands of people to Edgartown who spent money that day and returned in the future.

Support for addiction’s victims

Currently working in the field of addiction, I have to say that arresting, detaining, and railroading the traffickers are only small measures toward resolving this area's critical epidemic.

Democratic prescription

Over the past week, I made a number of calls to town residents urging them to vote in the coming election and asking them to support my favorite candidate.

What trees?

I am a fellow lowly minion like Steve Bernier, although I'm a native Islander who doesn't own $10,320,400 In Island real estate.

Not so new

In the few times I've needed to cross the new Lagoon Pond Drawbridge so far this spring, I have but one thing to say: New House, same furniture.

Where did the yes signs go?

I thought that America was the land of democracy and that people's beliefs and opinions were protected, to be accepted and respected by everybody.

Thanks, and a reminder

The purpose of this letter is to show my appreciation for the protection of open spaces, the maintenance of wildlife habitats, and the beautiful setting that has been established on our small Island.

Dirty tricks

This is probably a case of too little too late, but I believe there has been an assault on democracy here in Vineyard Haven.

Church/state not the issue

In James Sepanara's letter of April 22 ("Church/state, no divide,") he left the impression that the town had decided to spend taxpayers' money to support the functions and missions of the First Congregational Church of West Tisbury.

Guidelines for motorists and cyclists

Spring is finally here and the Multiple Sclerosis Ride is this weekend, making it a good time to remind everyone — motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians — to be aware of increased bicycling activity and review some rules of the road.

Our town needs our help

As spring fills the air with the new arrival of life and energy, Vineyard Haven is calling for our help.

Safe to walk downtown

I am a sixth grade student living in California who comes to Martha's Vineyard every summer.

The end of tranquility

To the Editor: If the citizens of Tisbury open the door to alcohol sales even a tiny crack, we invite nothing less than the demise of 300 years of tranquility.

The economics of it for businesses

I don't enjoy being stirred into the same pot as some landlords that a few of the Letters to the Editor have portrayed in the last few weeks.

More attention needed

The proposed connector road has been planned for some time, and the town has been asked to approve several stages.

Eating in a good cause

On Wednesday, April 7, Martha's Vineyard Youth Hockey (MVYH) families and players rallied their supporters to join in a wonderfully fun and simple fundraising event at Sharky's Cantina.

She’s studying for the Bee

I want to thank you for sponsoring me for the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington DC from May 30 to June 6.

A performance beyond expectations

After two years of fundraising, four months of evening, Saturday and Sunday rehearsals, and months of intricate planning and coordination, 28 MVRHS Minnesingers and their chaperones boarded the ferry in Vineyard Haven bound for Prague in the Czech Republic.

Exploit the dry brand

In times of financial constraint, capitalizing on quirkiness is often the best strategy.