Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Everyone pays, everyone should get access

Believe it or not, I do agree with one of the main points of Karen Elgart's recent [Dec.

Good work, Oak Bluffs; Edgartown, not so much

Kudos to the Oak Bluffs Highway Department, who had their bike paths cleared by the afternoon of Monday's snowfall.

Great care and your privacy protected

As an employee of Martha's Vineyard Hospital as a medical technologist for 28 years and a recent emergency room patient, I want to reassure the community that your medical privacy is protected.

Remarkable shellfish

The longer I work with bivalve shellfish, the more impressed I am with what a remarkable life form they are and what a key role they play in the wellbeing of both the planet and humankind.

Healthy workplaces

It is worth mentioning that throughout all the turmoil and troubles at the Edgartown Council on Aging, some trusted and valued employees have resigned, and there has been great financial cost to Edgartown taxpayers.

President Obama has him confused

To the Editor: Am I the only one confused? President Obama spent most of his campaign and the last two years of his administration "Bush bashing," stating, more or less, that we are in this mess because of the previous eight years of George W.

A Santa success

The Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the donors and volunteers that made our annual Breakfast with Santa a great success.

A 1950s image

Some Americans suggest that we have achieved a colorblind society.

A success

Last evening, the Martha's Vineyard/Dukes County Fishermen's Association's first fundraising event exceeded our expectations, by far.

Diverse food and sustainability

On Friday, December 10, communities around the world celebrated local and sustainable food for the second annual Terra Madre Day, organized by Slow Food International.

Where do we fit?

Much has been said about bullying, but there is a social dynamic surrounding the bully that actually makes it possible for the bully to succeed.

Demand up, donations down

Thank you for your kind article about the Family to Family Program (December 8, 2010).

So many have helped

I hope a simple thank you will express my appreciation to all the people who have helped me during the last nine weeks.

Well trained and compassionate caregivers

On a Monday, a few weeks ago, my wife took me to the Martha's Vineyard Hospital Emergency Room with what I thought were lingering flu symptoms.

Stand up for the MVC

Who benefits by Edgartown withdrawing from the Martha's Vineyard Commission? It certainly is not the people of Edgartown.

One Island

A comment about Edgartown's pending vote to withdraw from the Martha's Vineyard Commission, [which would be] a mistake.

No increase at all

The Martha's Vineyard Commission's finance committee is reviewing a preliminary draft budget for our next fiscal year.

Edgartown is the MVC

As a citizen of Edgartown, I am appalled at the idea of the selectmen trying to separate us from the Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC).

Shortsighted plan

Thanks to the Martha's Vineyard Commission, Edgartown has over $1 million in an affordable housing fund and one of the most eco-friendly golf courses in the nation.

An honor

On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and clients of the Vineyard Health Care Access Program, I would like to express my gratitude for the generous donations made by the family and friends of Penelope Dickens.