Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Sorting through science and belief on Martha’s Vineyard

There has been a lot of focus on addiction in general, and the opioid crisis in particular, on Martha’s Vineyard recently. The discussion on social media and in local venues is passionate, and sheds...

We reap what we sow

After a period of relatively moderate growth between 2007 and 2012, the tax levy for the Town of West Tisbury has risen steadily and dramatically over the past four years: 5.5 percent in 2013 ...

It’s time to bag the plastic

We’ve all used them. If you are anything like me, you might have an unruly kitchen drawer, frustrating all attempts at properly closing, from which glimpses of plastic handles protrude. Or maybe it’s a...

A seawall for the greater good

The town of Oak Bluffs is committed to planning for the impacts of climate change on our shoreline. The North Bluff seawall replacement project is one part of this planning effort. We are working...

Chilmark must address the need

Chilmark has long recognized the importance of affordable housing to the well-being of the town. Without housing for people who were born and raised here, without housing for those who teach our children, police...

Why we said no to the West Tisbury budget

In an unprecedented decision, we, the members of the West Tisbury Finance Committee, voted to “not recommend” the warrant article enabling the town to spend money on its budget. The reasons are simple. By current...

Commentary: MVC planner, not climate czar needed

Having lived for better than 80 years (40 full-time on this Island) I know climate changes. I was here for the blizzard of ’78, and plenty of hot humid days since. And I was...

Smart wastewater management needed

Sooner or later, the nitrogen pollution threatening the health of Martha's Vineyard coastal ponds will affect us all. Some, because we swim, fish, kayak, or sail in the Island’s 27 saltwater or brackish ponds,...

No sense in solar mediocrity

A client of ours recently asked, "What's the story with this noisy solar installation in Edgartown?"  (MVTimes, Sept. 25, “Solar array generates electricity, contractor generates complaints”). We will tell you what we told her,...

The automatic association of Lyme disease with deer may be flawed

Although last winter was particularly severe both in its cold and snow cover, many Vineyarders complained early this summer that there were more ticks than ever. This is intriguing because the proliferation of these...

The promise of Cape Wind

This winter found many of us trying to get inside from the cold, where the comforts of modern life awaited — warmth, lights, electronics, appliances, and a hot meal. You may not have realized it,...

Meeting the needs of our Vineyard Haven customers

For many years, Stop & Shop has been a local employer and member of the Martha's Vineyard community. We have worked diligently to provide quality products and friendly customer service at our Edgartown and...

What we will miss

"You don't know what you've got till it's gone," as the saying goes, really captures the essence of what is about to happen to WMVY, the Island's radio station.

Revised development of regional impact checklist awaits comment

Editor's Note: This Essay was revised and updated by the writers, as of 5:30 pm, October 28, 2012.

West Tisbury Library renovation – a long journey, time to vote

At town meeting on April 10, and again at the polls on April 12, West Tisbury voters will be asked to fund 25 percent of the cost of renovating and expanding the West Tisbury Free Public Library.

Comcast’s commitment to Martha’s Vineyard is stronger than ever

This paper has actively covered the cable license

Roundabout – a moment of truth for the MVC

The roundabout application for the Blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs is not the first controversial issue the Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC) has faced in its existence, but it is surely a seminal one that could fix public attitudes, for better or worse, toward the regional planning agency for a long time to come.

Proposed wind energy rules no available for review

The draft Wind Energy Plan for Dukes County, released for public comment last week, looks at the wide range of issues related to wind energy development on land and off shore in state and federal waters.