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Survivor of two shipwrecks, Essex skipper now in history’s grip

If ever someone qualified for consideration as a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder, it was certainly Capt.

The trouble with high gasoline prices may be us

Some Island gasoline retailers may act "oligopolistically" and with "conscious parallelism" — indeed, they admit that they do — to maintain uniformly high and similar prices, but they do not conspire to do so, so it's not price fixing.

The obstacles to sound household management are many

It's about to be vacation week.

CPA act participation deserves reconsideration by town voters

Island towns have learned to depend on Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds to help with conservation, preservation, and affordable housing initiatives.

All the ways that damage is done

News this week of the arrest of three young Islanders who this winter stole $50,000 worth of tools and equipment from their work-a-day neighbors reflects very well on the cooperating police forces who brought this criminal spree to an end.

Another blow to Massachusetts fishermen

No one needs to be told how the fishing industry, once an economic mainstay of the Massachusetts economy, has been declining in recent years.

Just trying to get it right

Apart from one or two regulars — Tom Hodgson comes to mind — no one winces more disconsolately than we do at the flaws in the weekly, and more and more often, daily, dose of prose The Times publishes.

Here’s debate with no winners

Every news report about the arrest of drug distributors who cultivate, manufacture, or import their products for sale on Martha's Vineyard leads to a debate among many readers.

A brand new hospital and a brand new health care landscape

When you design, finance, and build a $40 million hospital, you might reasonably expect that the consequences of that effort will be the ones you intended.

Benefits and detriments

Every couple of years, as required by its state charter, the Martha's Vineyard Commission pulls out a document called the DRI checklist and reviews it.

Questions for law enforcement and the courts

The record of Richard Morris's ins and outs — arrests, incarceration, bail, probation, release pending trial, re-arrest, bail reduction, bail revocation, etc.

And now, the moment you’ve waited for – the envelope please

I'm a big fan of "The King's Speech" for the Oscar.

The right decision

Sheriff Mike McCormick made the right decision in December, just before Christmas, when he allowed Kelly McCarron to complete her imprisonment at home, wearing an ankle bracelet, rather than at the Barnstable House of Corrections, where she had served seven months of her one-year jail term for vehicular homicide (January 12,

An Oh My God moment for newspaper types

When newspaper people gather, as they will in a couple of weeks for the New England Newspaper and Press Association's convention next month in Boston, many of the conversations, the workshops, and the seminars will have a kind of Oh My God energy.

The Land Bank – good work, well done, a model

Budgeting conservatively, the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank expected revenue of a bit more than $5.

Edgartown’s library odyssey lacks focus and suppleness

As we've repeated often, this page favors libraries.

About the news business – a pre-modern view

Dan Reimold, a journalism professor at the University of Tampa, wrote the other day to ask for the answers to some questions, as a contribution to a journalism textbook he is preparing.

It’s not about who said what

The debate continues over online comments.