Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Some tips to help you avoid independence

Because what you read about is how the divorce rate has climbed, and because another of those annual marriage milestones has come round once more for me, I've undertaken yet another informal and occasional survey of the institution.

Join up for a fabulous Fourth

The glorious national birthday we celebrate on Monday invites us to drop our guard against the off-Island world and to consider the marvelous connections we have with the vast palette of Americans, quite a...

Where to from here for Martha’s Vineyard Housing Fund

Several years ago, a property located at the corner of Dukes County Avenue and Masonic Avenue in Oak Bluffs captured the attention of the Island Affordable Housing Fund (IAHF), the neighborhood and eventually the entire Island.

A watershed moment in the affordable housing effort

News this week that Island Affordable Housing Fund (IAHF), now called Martha's Vineyard Housing Fund (MVHF) faces foreclosure on its Bradley Square, Oak Bluffs, multi-use development property marks the official end of Martha's Vineyard affordable housing, phase one.

TTOR – a winter’s preparation for Martha’s vineyard summer

Summer has arrived and with it fishermen, kayakers, beach walkers, swimmers, and more. TTOR's Martha's Vineyard properties are ready.

Maybe the sound MVC decision on Goodale could spawn course change

And that suggests a way that the MVC may responsibly act regionally in the interests of all Islanders.

A job the Martha’s Vineyard Commission ought to be doing

Martha's Vineyard's subsidized housing effort needs fresh data. The regional planning commission ought to supply it.

No June for haymaking

June's the month to make hay, but wisdom, weather, and luck all have a part to play in the decision to get started.

Round us a roundabout

A request to the powers that be to confirm a legacy franchise grant for the establishment of a for-a-fee comfort station at the new roundabout.

Twice may not be enough

The Texas legislature is required by law to meet for no more than 140 days, every other year.

Warning bells sound for the MVC – its authority has limits

The Martha's Vineyard Commission's (MVC) review of the checklist triggers that send development projects in the towns to the regional land-use regulatory agency for review is important.

Growing our own

Fewer than 1,000 of this Island's 60,000 acres are farmland producing food for human consumption — and yet, agriculture is cited again and again as essential to the character of Martha's Vineyard.

With time to kill, a nosy Parker says, I’ll wait

You may be one of those folks who object to waiting.

Where is the leadership that Oak Bluffs badly needs?

There were no happy choices for Oak Bluffs voters last week.

Rupert has come between them

Some 10 or 15 years ago, I started what was known as the Lenny's Loop Fourth of July block party.

After all, it’s only the beginning

It was a splendid Monday morning, just right no matter what you may have planned.

At last, the neighbors introduce themselves

Native Brazilians who are now Vineyard residents have organized themselves to help Brazilians who live and work on the Island become legal citizens of the United States, among other goals.

It’s a silly old world, and it’s getting away from us

In Americans' off-again, on-again quest for greater civility in public debates, I've been one of those renegades who defends, at least intermittently, the value and long tradition of contention.

They’ve got the data, but is it the right data

The news this week is that the Steamship Authority's managers have been busy assembling data to help them figure out which of their customers is subsidizing the others and to what extent.

Motherhood’s next dimension

Five years ago, the two older kids were safely launched, and the two younger ones were approaching liftoff.