Friday, December 3, 2021
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Jammin’ together

Some of you won't agree, naturally, but I think we've reached a tremulous equilibrium as regards online comments posted to mvtimes.

The drug business and the courts

There is not the data one would need to conclude that the drug problem here is more severe today than it has historically been.

Real estate “” is it who we are?

The news this morning is that the real estate market shows unmistakable signs of stabilizing.

The Dunn site belongs in the public domain

Based upon the testimony so far, commercial developer Sam Dunn's plan to add business and residential spaces in what is now open space bordering on the Vineyard Haven arm of the Lagoon Pond will meet current regulatory standards.

Shoulder padding

The director of an Island nonprofit with whom I meet every week looked out from his office window a month ago and surveyed a raw, drizzly, early-spring morning.

A perverse strategy

Lots of Islanders have housing Odysseys to tell, and most are harrowing.


I don't think there is an annual moment when one takes a week to make a personal assessment.

You’ve been alerted

Shadbush delivers the news.

The vote’s in, but the jury’s out

Tisbury's town election stimulated voters.

We promise safe, regulated beer and wine sales

As we wind up the town meeting season and head into the ballot there is one vote that many will be coming out on Tuesday to cast.

Yes on beer and wine sales

The debate rages unabated over whether Tisbury will allow sale of beer and wine with meals in restaurants.

It’s a matter of wait and see

I've decided to do a lot more cursing than has been my habit.

Sweet dreams and planning

Perhaps you've heard of the quants.

Connector road, redux

It's too soon to say mission accomplished, but the decision by Tisbury voters to proceed with planning and funding the so-called connector road between State Road and the Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road is a smart one.

A hospital to celebrate

Sunday, Islanders will visit the new Martha's Vineyard Community Hospital, at the invitation of the trustees, to see what years of planning and broad generosity from seasonal and year-round residents has wrought.

How do you know?

The young woman said she mistrusted what the media do.