Friday, August 5, 2022
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The view from Room 214

War, said the wag, is how Americans learn geography.

We know we’re good for them

You may remember that back in mid-summer 2002, we were all just sitting on the back porches of our lavish Martha's Vineyard estates, stunned and hurt by the mocking words of then President George W.

Housing for those whose options are few

The West Tisbury selectmen have agreed to award three lots in Bailey Park to Habitat for Humanity of Martha's Vineyard (HFHMV).

Toward a framework for Martha’s Vineyard wind energy regulation

In the coming year the Vineyard and Gosnold communities will be deciding what kind of wind energy development we want, both on land and offshore in state and federal waters.

What’s the deal on electricity costs?

Cape Light Compact promises a reduced rate for electricity from now through January 2011, nine percent lower than what we've been paying during the first half of the year.

All I ask is a Smootch to do my yachting on

Smootch is the meticulously kept, luxuriously appointed white motor yacht moored to the face of the nearby marina's dock.

A treasure hunt, but no treasure

We have four children, all adults or on the cusp of adulthood.

Smart energy thinking is blown away by wind power enthusiasm

If you are one of those who favor a clean, plentiful, growing, cheap supply of energy to support the growth of the American economy — and, naturally enough, its many subdivisions, including this tiny, remote (but not remote enough) outpost we call home — you cannot but despair.

You’ve got to do better, or bugger off

Boring and numbingly repetitive, not to mention often vile, intemperate, and pointless.

The regulators have their data, fishermen need their own – and a plan

The ferment in the fishing community, in reaction to threats to the industry's health and to the internal contraction among participants and within markets, began several years ago and began accelerating recently.

Grading our teachers

I visited with Jim Weiss, our superintendent of schools, not long after the flap that played out on the front pages of both Island newspapers over a few students who wanted to wear their Brazilian national colors on graduation day.

From the corner where I tossed them

Publishers send us dozens of books each year.

It’s our birthday. Look up with a smile.

As a nation, we grouse too much.

In this business, you’ve got to have a plan

Newspaper people have plenty to worry about, what with the recession and the World's Wild Web.

A good idea is what you make of it

In his May report to the Tisbury selectmen, Robert Wasserman's Strategic Policy Partnership outlines the steps to be taken if Tisbury and Oak Bluffs elect to merge their police forces.

Tisbury officials and police ask voters to fund contract settlement

Geoghan Coogan, Jeff Kristal, and Tristan Israel, Tisbury selectmen, and Sergeant Robert Fiske for the Tisbury Police Union jointly prepared this essay.

Shedding, it’s a journey

Our labs make shedding look so easy.

A recipe for working together

Last week in this space, I suggested that expansion of what is today a modest use of cooperative or regionalized services will be, as it has shown itself over decades to be, difficult.

A chance to speak up about the cost of electricity

The Cape Wind deal to sell the electric power that the planned Nantucket Sound wind farm may one day produce will certainly cost electricity end-users more than conventionally produced power.

Regionalization is a people to people business

Helping one another, at the family, social, and municipal levels, is understood and practiced, almost flawlessly, on Martha's Vineyard.