Friday, August 19, 2022
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The best ideas

After six weeks of hour-long conversations about the Island Plan, presented this February and March at the Edgartown Library, I come away with two central thoughts.

Water quality

I find that Tisbury water is the best flavored water on the Island, and even on the other side.

An unexpected winter visitor

On Sunday morning two weeks ago there was a fluffy orange mound huddled in the tray of my birdfeeder. I thought I had eaten too much French toast and syrup. Was this a Baltimore...

The high price of affordability

The provision of needed affordable housing on Martha's Vineyard has become exclusively the responsibility of a series of public-private partnerships. Zoning and development rules prevent the market from contributing much, if at all. Taxpayers contribute,...


You may be surprised to learn that enlarged housing opportunities do not necessarily follow from the creation of more houses. Good jobs are important too. Indeed, good jobs and increasing household incomes underpin home...

Medicare cuts will harm many providers

The current debate in Washington isn't solely about the grand goal of expanding access to health insurance. It has turned into a spar about spending and controlling costs in the federal Medicare program. For...

Republican Scott Brown

Tuesday's special election to fill the Senate seat that is vacant because of the death of Edward M. Kennedy is an opportunity for Massachusetts voters, including us Vineyarders, to strike a blow for political...

The love doctor is in and online

If you're an Islander, young or old, looking for love in all of the few available places and unsuccessful, the Internet has you covered. If you've been to one potluck after another, till you...

Not the last word

Since early November, I've been working freelance for the Martha's Vineyard Commission to copy-edit and wrestle onto pages the final, printed version of the Island Plan. I note this at the outset so that...

Illusions, reality, and business

That there is an agricultural aura surrounding Morning Glory Farm and a bedrock, founding fathers, even 19th century ethos attached to the preaching of Jim Athearn in his community planner role should have no...

Nothing Smart about it

Nowadays, it's all about mileage and doing the right thing. When I was a kid, it was all about style, or at least our dim, dumb sense of style. Kids hankered after GTOs, Vettes,...