Monday, January 25, 2021
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Second County

The Island has more 12-step programs than there are peas on Cronig’s salad bar, so how could we have that kind of problem here? Besides, the guy who ran his car into the Net Result last week won’t be tallied until the next count, so I think it’s that crowd on the Elizabeth Islands that’s messing up our curve.

Retire where?

Of course we know we can get more bang-for-the-buck almost anywhere else. How often are we told, 'You can get almost twice the house for the same money in Willoughbytown Village, Mass,' or 'If you lived on the mainland, you’d be paying a dollar less per gallon for gas'?

Packing for another island

Packing for another island

Food baddies

Food Baddies

Round, round, get aroundabout

Round, round, get aroundabout

With a song in our hearts (and it should stay there)

With a song in our hearts (and it should stay there).

Observations of a Rinse-a-shore

Observations of a Rinse-a-shore.