Friday, September 23, 2022
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Pros and cons of Facebook

New Timeline feature makes everything on Facebook more accessible, but could the openness of this site be destroying relationships?

Which smartphone is right for you?

Even as technological improvements are introduced constantly and nothing stays the same for long, here are some guidelines for new smartphones.

Word-of-mouth advertising and small businesses

I love trying new restaurants.

The role of social media in journalism

Since anyone can access our Facebook updates and tweets, what does that mean for how reporters find stories and sources?

Traditional books vs. e-books. Who wins?

What happens when kids prefer iPads and Kindles and lose interest in traditional books? Perhaps an end of an era, but it may not be a losing battle.

To tweet or not to tweet? 700 million worldwide have answered yes

Social media may be a mystery to you, but it's a mystery that fascinates and engages millions.