Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Micromanaging the MVC

The Edgartown selectmen have been known to protest against the popular Island perception of Edgartown as the Island town that plays least well with others.

Full disclosure, and a tax satisfaction index

A patron stopped at the Edgartown Library desk last Wednesday and asked when The Martha's Vineyard Times planned to publish its annual property tax listings.

You could look it up

Back in December of last year, a lively online discussion was sparked when this newspaper reported that Edgartown voters would be asked, at our 2010 annual town meeting, to borrow $4 million to build a new public library.

Forward into the past

For those of us who live and work here year-round, Labor Day is one of the most eagerly awaited holidays of the year.

The view from Room 214

War, said the wag, is how Americans learn geography.

Grading our teachers

I visited with Jim Weiss, our superintendent of schools, not long after the flap that played out on the front pages of both Island newspapers over a few students who wanted to wear their Brazilian national colors on graduation day.

Divide and conquer

I heard this story 25 or 30 years ago, when the Island chiefs of police would gather once a month or so over coffee or sandwiches to talk shop and share information.

Shoulder padding

The director of an Island nonprofit with whom I meet every week looked out from his office window a month ago and surveyed a raw, drizzly, early-spring morning.

The best ideas

After six weeks of hour-long conversations about the Island Plan, presented this February and March at the Edgartown Library, I come away with two central thoughts.

Not the last word

Since early November, I've been working freelance for the Martha's Vineyard Commission to copy-edit and wrestle onto pages the final, printed version of the Island Plan. I note this at the outset so that...

Thinking outside the bubble

There's been a surreal quality to all this past year's news of economic disasters. The most difficult idea for us to accept on the Island, I think, is that perhaps the value of real...