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On the level at Lambert’s Cove

It was a sun’s out, shoes off, shades-on kind of morning, as 17 students from MVRHS took on the labor-intensive task of leveling the sloping entrance of Lambert’s Cove beach — essentially priming the...

Bingo with the seniors

For Give Back Day, 16 MVRHS students went to Woodside Village, the independent living center behind the Y, to do a little yard work and join the senior residents for a spirited game of...

Bread, soup, and camaraderie

The first thing that hit you was the smell wafting outside. You knew something good was happening inside. Pull open the door at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center and there was a flurry of...

Students sparkle at O.B. fire station

By 9:15 am on the second annual Islanders Give Back Day, freshman Von-Trai Porter was standing on the roof of an Oak Bluffs fire engine, giving it a final rinse after scrubbing it down...

Pulling up weeds and cleaning up after geese

Over at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, students and chaperones enjoyed the gentle breeze, warm weather, and the great outdoors while vanquishing vines and raking up some pesky poop for their part in Give Back...

Powered up for Camp Jabberwocky

The bright red of the Jabberwocky school bus was rivaled by the vibrant flowers students were planting this Give Back Day, as MVRHS returned to Camp Jabberwocky for the second year in a row...

Putting in the extra ef-fur-t

The Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard had some additional help Friday, as 10 Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School student volunteers gave the animals some love, and performed various chores around the facility as part...

Students scour Menemsha beach, dunes for debris

Students descended on Menemsha Beach Friday morning, snatching and bagging trash off the sand and trekking to the far edge of the Brickyard to hunt for shoreline debris as part of the high school’s...