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    Town of Edgartown, Massachusetts,
    Wastewater Commissioners

    Edgartown Wastewater Treatment Facility
    Transportation of Dewatered Sludge Cake to Disposal Facility
    The town of Edgartown, Massachusetts, through the Edgartown Wastewater Commissioners, is seeking bids in response to this Invitation for Bid (IFB) for dewatered sludge cake transport from the Wastewater Treatment Facility (‘the Facility”) located at 330 West Tisbury Road, Edgartown, MA 02539 to the designated disposal facility, Synagro, at 15 Cumberland Hill Road, Woonsocket, RI.
    The period of the subsequent contract will be July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2020. Contract and renewals are subject to subject to prior approval of funds for the year by the Town of Edgartown.
    Bids will be due on Wed April 12, 2017 at 3:00 pm at the Wastewater Facility, when they will be opened. The Commissioners reserve the right to reject any bid. The contract will be awarded to the responsive and responsible bidder offering the lowest price for the services specified. Notice of the award will be within 30 days of bid opening.
    The following is a description of requirements for the services being requested:
    1. The sludge to be hauled is dewatered cake from co-settled raw primary and secondary waste sludge, with a solids content of 18-28%. Full containers weigh 15-16 tons. Approximately 55 containers per year. The Facility is responsible for annual and quarterly testing to maintain approval by state regulatory agencies. The Facility owns three containers, 25 cu. yd roll-offs, which are to be used solely for the transport of Facility sludge, and with which the Contractor’s equipment must be compatible, and which must be available to be returned to the Wastewater Facility within seven (7) business days after removal. Only Facility containers are to be used.
    2. Charges to be adjusted annually each July 1, based on the US Dept. of Labor CPIU for the Boston, Brockton, Nashua region, and with July 1, 2017 as the base index, with any adjustments documented at that time. Any Fuel Surcharge to be adjusted monthly, on the first day of the month, based on the New England PADD1A On-Highway Diesel Price published that day. The calculation of Fuel Surcharge shall be provided with the invoices it is applied to.
    3. Proposal to also include:
    a) Completed bid sheet, included as Attachment A.
    b) A complete description of all services to be provided by the Contractor in the bid price To be included are arrangement and payment of Steamship Authority reservations by the Contractor, arrangement and payment of all storage and transfers, and any other fees and surcharges by the Contractor, removal of roll-off containers from the Facility or any rearrangement of containers at the Facility within two (2) business days of notification, and return of empty containers to the Facility within seven (7) business days of removal.
    c) Provide your method of measurement of weight and method for reporting of same, and proof of permitting compliance.
    d) Demonstrate the ability to provide and schedule container removal and return during regular hours of operation of the Facility and arrangements for handling emergency conditions and coordination with treatment plant operations and the disposal facility.
    e) The Facility is seeking a contract for sludge cake transport services with a term of one (1) year, with two subsequent one year renewals, at the sole discretion and approval of the Wastewater Commission, and subject to the availability of funds from the Town.
    f) Provide a list for 24 hour contact information, responsible person and backup.
    g) An approval from Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) will be required upon award of contract. RIDEM does not pre-approve bidders. Failure to gain approval voids the contract.
    4. The Facility will accept sub contractors on this contract but only if they have received prior notification and have given our approval of the use of the sub contractor.
    5. The Facility will not accept a ‘minimum quantity requirement” associated with this request for services.
    6. The Contractor is subject to all applicable local, State, and Federal laws and regulations. The Bidder whose Bid is accepted agrees to furnish a Contract Bond in the sum of $40,000 and duly executed by the said bidder as Principal and by a surety company qualified to do business under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and satisfactory to the Town, as Surety, for the faithful performance of the Contract. The premium for such Bond shall be paid by the Contractor.
    7. All insurance certificates required by state law shall be submitted to the Wastewater Commission prior to the start of contract. These certificates must meet the approval of the Commission.
    8. The Contractor is responsible for damages and repair costs incurred to the Town-owned containers once they leave the Facility.
    9. Bids shall be submitted by 3:00 PM Local time on Wed, April 12, 2017, when Bids will be opened. Bids shall be delivered to the Edgartown Wastewater Treatment Facility, P.O. Box 1068, Edgartown, MA 02539, or by hand to the Facility Operations Building, 330 West Tisbury Road, Edgartown MA 02539, 7 AM-3PM, M-Fri. and marked “Sludge Transportation to Disposal Facility #WW17-21-2”
    To obtain a bid package,, please contact the Edgartown Waste Water Treatment Facility at (508) 627-5482, attn. David Thompson, or
    LN: 03/23/17, 03/30/17, 2t