Classifieds: Legal Notices: Tisbury

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    Sealed Bids for the “Main Street Water Main Improvements and Appurtenant Work” project, in accordance with the documents prepared by Environmental Partners, will be received via Projectdog until 11:00 AM, August 28, 2019 and recorded. The Work consists of horizontal directional drilling of 1,040 LF of 8" HDPE water main, open-cut installation of 50 LF of DI pipe, hydrants, valves, services, and temporary and permanent pavement. All bids shall be submitted electronically online at no later than the date and time specified above. Hard copy bids will not be accepted by the Awarding Authority. For assistance, call Projectdog, Inc at 978-499-9014. Contract Documents will be made available beginning August 14, 2019 at 8:30 AM. Bid forms and contract documents will be available at or for pick-up at: Projectdog, Inc, 18 Graf Road, Suite 8 Newburyport, MA. Go to and click Sign Up for free, or login with your existing account. Enter Project Code 833999 in the project locator box. Select “Acquire Documents” to download documents, review a hard copy at Projectdog’s physical location, or request a free project CD. Wage rates for this project are subject to the minimum wage rates per M.G.L., Chapter 149, and Sections 26 to 27 G, inclusive.
    LN: 08/15/2019, 1t


    Pursuant to MGL c.41and the Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of land in the Town of Tisbury, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing at the Town Hall Annex on September 4, 2019 at 7:00 PM to consider a Form C application for the following applicant’s subdivision: Locus: Tisbury Assessor Parcel 24A40.2, 24A40.21 and 24A40.22, King’s Way, Vineyard Haven MA Applicant: Rosemarie A. Roberts Proposal: The applicant proposes to create four (4) building lots, three (3) non-buildable parcels and a subdivision road of varying widths, with the following waivers: a. Section 02 (width of a road) of the March 25, 1987 Revisions to the Tisbury Subdivision Rules and Regulations,
    b. Section 06 (40 ft. wide layout) of the March 25, 1987 Revisions to the Tisbury Subdivision Rules and Regulations.
    c. Sections 363,364, and 365 Subdivision Control Law,
    and the Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land in the Town of Tisbury,
    d. Section 42 (Streets & Paths),
    e. Section 51(improved traveled surface requirements),
    f. Section 542 (Storm Water Management System)
    g. Section 365 – for the omission of record plans after plan approval,
    h. Performance Guarantee
    i.. Such other waivers, if any, as might be necessary for approval
    of the King’s Way Subdivision Plan. Plan: Plan of Land in Tisbury, MA surveyed for Rosmarie E. Roberts
    by Vineyard Land Surveying & Engineering, Box 421, West Tisbury, MA; dated May 23, 2019; Scale: 1” = 30’- 0”; Job No. 2000 Public Inspection: The application, dated August 6, 2019 and its attendant documents may be inspected at the Planning Board’s Office, from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday.