Classifieds: Legal Notices: Tisbury

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    Pursuant to MGL c. 40A s. 9 and Section 06.06.08 of Tisbury Zoning Bylaw, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing at the Town Hall Annex on June 1, 2016 at 6 PM to consider the following application for a Special Permit:
    Locus: Tisbury Assessor Parcel 09C08, 52 Beach Road
    Owner: Vincent Geoffroy - Tisbury Marina LLC
    Applicant: Vineyard Haven Restaurant Associates, LLC
    Proposal: To operate a 50 seat food service establishment (Garde de le Mer) within the Water Management Area of the Waterfront Commercial District between the hours of 4P-12A, Mon-Thurs. and 10A – 12A, Fri. – Sun.
    Plan: A Plan of Land in Tisbury, Mass. surveyed for Vineyard Haven marina, Inc. by Vineyard land Surveying, Box 1548, Vineyard Haven, MA; Scale 1”=20’; Rev. 03/02/89, 05/23/89 and 10/16/89
    Public Inspection:
    The Letter of Application, dated April 28, 2016, and its attendant documents may be inspected at the Planning Board’s Office from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
    LN: 05/05/16, 05/12/16, 2t